The amount of action/horror game has dramatically increased with the next generation consoles being released. We have had our fair share of great ones and then we had those that you just want to throw out the window. When we first heard about Blood Rayne we had our doubts. After playing the excellent Resident Evil for the GameCube, we wondered if anything could match up to that kind of game.


In Blood Rayne you play as… well Blood Rayne, who is half-human and half-vampire. She is the typical looking vampire who is pretty good with her guns. She was hired by the Brimstone Society, who wants her to get rid of all the wrong in the world. So, pretty much it’s your job to save the world.

The game is a third person action game with a hint of some adventure gaming elements. Although those can really be overlooked by all of the huge guns you will be using throughout the game.

Blood Rayne is really not your ordinary girl by any means she has some amazing jumping abilities. Along with the nice jumping abilities you also will have some fast running abilities. The left analog stick controls your movement forward, backward, left, and right. The right analog stick controls the line of sight.

BloodRayne also has quite a few interesting little maneuvers at her disposal. These range from the not-quite-so-effective abilities such as jumping and spinning to extremely useful blood sucking ability. Shooting your weapons is not as easy as one might hope. There is no direct lock-on system, where you can press a button and target an enemy. In Blood Rayne, the lock-on feature only comes into play when you are facing the enemies. In fact, in some situations this feature can become a big issue because you can shift the lock-on to any particular enemy.

The game’s biggest problem starts right from the beginning. The game really doesn’t get going for an hour or so after the start of the game. Which means a lot of people will be initially turned away from this game. For the most part the first hour plays a lot more like an adventure game then a action horror game, but if you can get pass the first hour or so you will be rewarded with more exciting gameplay. So the true heart of the game is a little ways after the initial get go, but once you get going there is a lot of fun to be had in this game. The only problem with that is once it gets going it really seems like it is done, because this is definitely not a long game by any means.

Each level has its own musical theme, which really isn’t very present throughout the game. Although each level has its own music or background noise it really isn’t very noticeable and it’s not the best sounding.

The voice acting in the game works very well. The only problem I found is that while the game fully deserves its M rating, the "F" word comes up in more conversations than it needs to be, giving the impression that the developers are trying to make full use of their Mature rating. Many times it seems it’s just used for the heck of it, which is pretty disappointing for all of you young ones.


The graphics portion of the game holds both the stronger points of the game along with some of the biggest drawbacks in BloodRayne. The character modes are very detailed and extremely sharp. BloodRayne herself looks like the normal action hero who wants to save the world with the normal sex appeal. The M rating can really be seen when seeing all the blood and guts that comes out of your enemy. It is amazing how much blood your enemies have and trust me, you will see a lot of it, and for the most part it looks pretty good.

The environments on the other hand are a little less impressive. Although they are well drawn out, a lot of the levels look very similar and repetitive. On the flip side everything has an average look to them so nothing is just going to look terrible.

The biggest problem with the games graphics has to be the camera, which gets stuck all the time. This hurts the graphics, as well as represent a serious flaw to the game’s gameplay.

Fun Factor

Blood Rayne really has a lot of pros but at the same time it has a lot of cons. The game really is very boring for the first hour or so but once you get pass that the game become a lot more fun. Although the camera really holds the game back from its full potential.


This is one of those games that really could have been a lot better then it came out. I think the camera is really this biggest problem with the game and the length of game really takes BloodRayne from a good game to a big disappointment. I would recommend this as a rental, and a buy to all of you scary action game people.

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