BloodRayne 2


It was already two years ago with the action horror title of BloodRayne was first released on the PS2. It was a game that hosted a female character who was half human half vampire, crazy girl who likes killing Nazis. She is back in her second outing hoping to fair better then the first in BloodRayne 2 for the PS2. Does it make strides in the right direction, or is this on going straight down hill? Read our review to find out!


One of the worst parts of the original game was the storyline, which was nowhere near entertaining other then laughing at how weird and out there it was. Now they threw away the Nazis and they threw away the quirky storyline and inserted a much more interesting and entertaining one. Now set in the present time, Rayne is going after her Dad who is heading a front to make vampires immune from sunlight. Wow what a concept let me think for a second that sounds kind of familiar, ah that’s right isn’t that quite similar to Blade? Moving on, the storyline still doesn’t play a huge role in the game anyways, as it just kind of works as a backdrop for the hack and slash gameplay to come.

Before I go too far in this review, I would like to state that this is a game that should not be played by children, due to high intensity of blood and gore that is involved. Not only that buy Miss Rayne herself is not wearing a whole lot of clothing throughout the entirety of the game.

The premises behind BloodRayne 2 is quite simple, kill everyone in sight as quickly and as bloody as possible. One of the main driving factors behind BloodRayne 2 is the style of the game, which incorporates quite a few different styles and abilities. The one thing that the developers did not leave anything to chance is with the number of abilities Rayne is encompassed with. One of the nice features about BloodRayne 2 is the easy combo system which basically is you press two buttons and you get a combo, most of which are quite gruesome.

For those of you who aren’t looking for the hand-to-hand combat and more for the range combat, the game incorporates that as well. Rayne has a chain that can grab enemies and then throw them in the desired direction, kind of similar to Psi Ops except you are using a chain to throw them. Also Rayne has her Carpathian Dragons, which use blood as ammunition. This is where her feed attack comes into play as you can attack enemies to volunteer them for giving blood. Not only does this fill Rayne’s health bar but it also if you press the fire button it will reload your weapon. This means that there will never be a shortage of ammunition or health, because there are an abundance of enemies scattered throughout all of the environments.

Not only does Rayne have these abilities but she also has a group of special moves in which she can perform. These range from a bullet time move to blood rage ability. This is why I say this game does not go short by any stretch of the word of giving you enough moves to choose from.

Now this is all great for gameplay, but it does pose one problem, and that is the game is now much too easy. With all of these special abilities and normal abilities it is quite hard not to breeze right through this game. What this ends up doing for the game is close to what happened in the first game and that was the game started to become repetitive. Although you have all of these great moves, you need someone to fight back against you, and in BloodRayne 2 the enemies for the most part are dumb as a doorknob.

What ends up happening in BloodRayne 2 is that the experience of the game begins to diminish after time goes by. At the start of the game you will be extremely impressed with the long list of moves and special abilities, but as the game wears on these moves become repetitive and second nature, which causes them to lose their overall appeal. This is not to say the game is bad, because it is not by any means. But it is a game that starts out great but works its way all the way down to a pretty average hack and slash experience.


When we look back on the original BloodRayne it was a game that comprised a very gothic dark look and feel that made the game feel like it was supposed to. It was not without problems though, and ended up being a pretty mediocre looking title. So does BloodRayne 2 go for the kill, and make a better looking game?

In BloodRayne 2 we are presented with a title that has some serious ups and downs. To get the bad out of the way, there is some annoying slowdown to be found throughout the day. This is something that really you would expect to get out of the way before the game was released but nevertheless it is found here in the game. The other downside is the camera angle, which you have full control over, and in my eyes that is way too much. Because in tight corridors the game doesn’t play as smooth as it should and the camera seems to get stuck quite a bit.

On the positive side the character models in the game are gorgeous. The developers did a great job placing a whole lot of detail and animation in all of the characters. But by far the most impressive portion of BloodRayne 2 is the gore effects which made this game an easy Mature rating. But for those of you who enjoy a dark cynical game this one has the visuals for you. Overall the game has its downsides, which really holds it back from its top potential.

Fun Factor

Like I mentioned in the gameplay section of this review, the game starts out great and starts to go down after a while, and the same can be said about the fun in the game. I will admit when I started the game I was immediately addicted to how many abilities Rayne had and how easy they were to do. But after a while the game just doesn’t keep that fun alive and ends up making a pretty average experience.


BloodRayne 2 is a game that really had a lot of potential but didn’t do enough with it. They focused a little too much on Rayne’s abilities and not enough on trying to make the game more difficult, and more challenging. For you BloodRayne fans out there you will still enjoy this one, for everyone else this makes a solid rental.

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