Bloody Roar Extreme


The Bloody Roar game series first came out on the PlayStation and it was actually quite impressive because of its mutation system. Basically what that means is during fights you can change from your normal human character into a huge monster. This is actually called "beast change" and this system has been upgraded just a little bit after every installment of the series. Bloody Roar: Extreme is actually a port from the Cube’s Bloody Roar: Primal Fury. Luckily it’s not a direct port with the controls and the visuals being upgraded for this Xbox edition. So is Bloody Roar: Extreme worth the purchase or is it just another game to put on the no go list, read on to find out.


There are a few different styles of fighting games on the market and the Xbox has a lot of them. Basically to keep it simple there are the more complex fighting games and then there are the simplistic fighters. Well Bloody Roar Extreme would definitely fall in the simplistic category. Instead of learning several hundred combinations Bloody Roar keeps it to a much shorter to the point kind of fighting system.

Bloody Roar Extreme has one big problem I have found is that it doesn’t have a great amount of depth or game modes. The modes include an Arcade mode, Versus Mode, Time Attack Mode, Team Battle Mode, Vs Team Battle Mode, and a Training Mode. The training mode isn’t really a necessity unless you really find it fit. Otherwise I found that you can just as easily learn as you go through the game.

One of the biggest problems in the game is that there really isn’t a main mode for Bloody Roar Extreme. There is just a combination of different types of game modes to try and keep the replay value up. I would have to say that the main mode of the game would have to be the Arcade mode in which you select a character and just try to win as many battles as possible, and if you lose you have the ability to continue. The survival mode is probably the second best mode with that you just have to survive as many matches as you can, it’s quite simple yet effective.

The whole premise behind Bloody Roar Extreme is really a solid idea. Being able to turn into a "beast" gives the game another aspect of strategy. The idea sounds great and it works pretty well, but with the gameplay system as simple as it is the strategy isn’t used to its fullest. The fighting system consists of the bare essentials that you would find in a fighting game. The moves include Kick, Punch, Block, and the Beast ability. That doesn’t mean all you can do is hit and kick, because you can actually come up with several of your own combinations with your character as well as your beast. There are several of combinations you can learn for Bloody Roar Extreme but the gameplay doesn’t really require you to use them to be successful throughout the game. If you do happen to get through the whole Arcade mode you will be able to unlock new game modes that I will let you find out for yourselves, to try to get as much replay value as you can out of this title.

The controls similar to the gameplay system are easy as they get. Normally in a fighting game you are forced to memorize several different combinations to become successful in the game. This is not the case in Bloody Roar Extreme, which means you will only use the face buttons on the controller and very rarely use the other buttons.

When it all is said and done Bloody Roar Extreme just seems too simplistic when compared to the numerous other fighting games on the Xbox. Without a true main mode there just aren’t enough game modes to keep you interested in this game for long.

One of the more impressive sides of Bloody Roar extreme is the sound. And when I am talking about the sound I am mainly talking about the bone crunching, face smashing sound effects that are heard throughout the game. The sound effects are right on track with how every fighting game should be. The sound effects are exactly how they should be except for the lack of 5.1 Support. If there were support for the sound effects I would have said the sound was near perfect but without that support you can only hear those bone crunching sound effects in regular stereo sound.


The one thing that the Xbox fighting games have all had in common are above average graphics. This trend has been greatly appreciated by all Xbox owners and Bloody Roar Extreme improves upon the GameCube version and makes it quite impressive looking Xbox title.

With a total of fourteen characters each one has there own unique look to them that really enables you to tell the difference between each character. One of my biggest questions that comes when you become the "beast" form. For example who would ever consider a bunny rabbit as a beast, but I guess Hudson thought so. The beast models are much more detailed and well rendered compared to the regular character models which aren’t all that impressive.

The environments are probably the least notable portion of the game which is just about average. It just seems like each environment you fight in seems pretty similar in that they all don’t have a ton of detail. It seems as though the environments could have both been a lot better but then again a lot worse.

Overall the graphics are quite solid, with decent environments and above average character models the game looks very good. The frame rate is also very impressive, because it stays very steady throughout the game with nearly no slow down.

Fun Factor

To say whether Bloody Roar Extreme is a fun game or not would be totally based upon whether you like the true arcade fighters like Bloody Roar Extreme or if you like the more advanced and complex fighters. If you are one who doesn’t really care about how long the game would last or a true story mode then this game is going to bring you endless hours of single and multiplayer fun. I personally had quite a bit of fun with this one and I actually enjoy more complex fighting titles. But there was something about this one that seemed to keeps it fresh for quite a while. The one thing though that did keep me from giving this a higher fun factor rating was the lack of a main mode. I really enjoyed the Gameplay in Bloody Roar Extreme but I disliked how there was nothing to tie you in and that became a major problem in the long haul.


Bloody Roar Extreme is a solid fighting title that will impress those who are just looking for a good time rather then an extensive full force title. The game hosts a very easy pick up and play type style so it can be a lot of fun to play with friends and can also be quite fun to play by your self as well. If you are looking for a fighting title Bloody Roar Extreme might just be for you, I would though highly recommend this as a solid rental title.

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