As gamers, we usually don't want to be the guy who has to partake in fetch quest for lazy NPC's wandering the city. Saving the damsel in distress over and over again can get extremely monotonous. Sometimes instead of killing that dragon that has been reigning terror on a small village, we would like to be the cause of that terror. You would like to capture that damsel in distress. Simply put, sometimes us gamers would like to be the enemy we've spent so much time trying to defeat.

Boss! does just that. Instead of putting you in the shoes of some righteous hero who defends all of what's right in the world, you play as a monster. Your only objective is to basically destroy everything and everyone in your path. As you go through the levels you will be have to kill a variety of different people such as princes, wizards, knights, and even other monsters that appear at the end of each level. The game is very simple and easy to pick up and play. The controls are even simpler. The L and R buttons are used to roll to the left or right and Square and X buttons allows you to use light and heavy attacks. That's about it.

Boss!'s issues comes in result of the repetitiveness. Throughout the game the lack of challenge and the repetitiveness of the game makes it really boring and tedious to play. Leveling up in the game allows you access to different weapons and armor but there really isn't any reason to utilize either. Every level can easily be beaten by spamming the square button until all of your enemies are gone. At no point did I find it necessary to really try anything different. Eventually I unlocked moves such as fire breath and stomp but still, I was never is a position that I felt those new moves were necessary to use.

While Boss! seem like a violent game since all you do is kill people, in reality it's not that bad. Developer Fair Play Labs created a fantasy setting with colorful cartoon-like art. The game doesn't take itself serious at all and actually is pretty comical in its own right. You can even dress up your monster by putting silly clothing on it just for laughs.

Outside of the main mode there are a couple of different game modes that adds a little more to the game. There is an Arena mode which you are put in endless waves of enemies with each wave becoming more difficult until you die. "Run Hero Run" switches things up. In this mode you are one of the humans being chased by the monster. Similar to popular cell phone games such as Dragon Fly or Temple Run, you must keep running away from the monster by traversing obstacles in your way until you are finally caught and eaten. I've always liked endless runner games so this mode appealed to me more than anything else in the game.

Boss! isn't a game for everyone. If you are looking for a game that will keep you entertained for hours, you'll be best off looking elsewhere. The enjoyment I did find, I found when playing it in quick 10-20 minute sessions but anything longer than that the repetitiveness of the game would wear on me causing boredom. I would surely recommend it for kids or anybody who enjoys a simple game that is charming and fun albeit in short burst.

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