Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood

Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood


You would think at this point in time, we have seen all that we can from the first person shooter genre. Well, don’t be so sure as earlier this year we saw a game that actually shocked many of us with its fresh feel and very intuitive gameplay. Well now we are onto the next game in the series, which somehow will try and improve upon some of the few flaws that were found in the original game and make for another engaging experience in Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood for the Xbox. So is this game just as exciting as we would hope it would be? Read our full review to find out!


What made the original Brothers in Arms so amazing was the fact that the game reels you into the action more so than any other shooter on the market. The original Brothers in Arms game gives you a realistic adventure, plus the ability to easily give commands in your team was also a thrill as well. This was really one of the best all together games that came out because it just gave a different feel to the FPS genre. So now can the second game bring an even stronger flair?

I can’t say that the previous Brothers in Arms game had the most unique or most interesting WWII storyline in a video game, but it was sufficient enough to make for an interesting experience. Well now in Earned in Blood you get the same sort of style of storyline that you saw in the first game. You play as Joe Hartsock, one of the many troops who were dropped off in enemy territory. So the story kind of follows you around the war and is interesting, but was not all that eventful.

The game of Earned in Blood is actually not all that different from what we saw in the original. The whole command system is back again, and still runs very smooth and works perfectly. You can still give seamless commands to your team with the click of the trigger button, and this adds a lot of strategy to a genre that has been known to lack it. The AI is still strong enough on both ends that the game really exudes a fantastic war setting that feels smooth and coherent from start to finish. The game literally allows you to decide whether you want to go all out and attack or rather takes more of a tactical approach to the proceedings. So having these sorts of options really gives the game a rather impressive and varied feel that no other FPS has ever brought to gamers.

The single player mode overall feels almost identical to the previous game. You can see that the developers have improved the AI in the game, and that is a much welcome new feature that helps the game out tremendously. But the overall feel of the single player is just not nearly as exciting as it was in the previous game, simply because we have already seen it done before. With that being said, the single player mode moves very steadily and is still an enjoyable mode to play through. Don’t expect that same revolutionary feel that you got with the previous game.

The game truly comes alive in the multiplayer end of things, which has been revamped with an all-new skirmish mode. This mode really is quite impressive as it allows you to customize the skill level of your opponents and play along side human players. This means that you can really get a very varied experience that you can adjust to the skill level of the people you are playing with. This is a very fun mode to play that was a nice addition to the online play. Overall the multiplayer has been extremely well paced and lag-free.

When you look at the gameplay aspects in Earned in Blood, it is not as innovative as its predecessor. But that is not a bad thing as the sequel takes what is great about the previous game and continues with it in this game. If you go into the game expecting a whole new experience, then you may come out a bit disappointed. But if you want more great Brothers in Arms action, then this game is much more of the same great stuff.


Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood sees the biggest change in the visual department, which has been cleaned up this time around quite a bit actually. The character models have been improved, giving them a much softer and more life-like feel. The environments on the other hand have not been improved all that much, as they do not have all that many changes to it and this luckily is not a problem.

The overall visuals of the game are very smooth sailing for the game and it does not have any sort of frame rate issues or any real camera problems. The overall visuals of Earned in Blood are really great and are although not that different from the previous game are still excellent nonetheless.

Fun Factor

If you enjoyed the original Brothers in Arms, then Earned in Blood is going to be a very enjoyable experience. While it may not be overly different, it still has some very fine and fun parts to play. The thing about Earned in Blood is that it is more of the same great look and feel as the previous game, with some better AI and a deeper online mode that really is quite impressive. If you enjoyed the previous game you will surely enjoy Earned in Blood!


Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood is a game that truly has a great deal in common with the previous Brothers in Arms game, which is a great thing. It may not be all that revolutionary as the previous one, but it still remains one of the top FPS on the Xbox. So if you enjoyed Road to Hill 30, then you will definitely give Earned in Blood a go.

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