Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30


I know what you all are thinking, why do we have so many WWII games out on the market, and then why do they keep making more? Well that’s definitely a legitimate question and one that I can answer pretty easily. The reason they do is because its working, most of these WWII based games are doing quite well where the other war games are not. So now we get to look at yet another WWII game from Ubi Soft. This one is a squad-based first person shooter and it’s called Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 for the Xbox. Can this game possibly make its mark in the vast WWII market? Read our full review to find out now!


To be honest with you all I must say that I am a huge WWII buff, not only in the history sense but also in the gaming sense as well. You will find that my PC at home is pretty stuffed with Battlefield 1942, Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty. I am just one of those guys who can’t get enough of these sort of games, so when I heard about Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 I must say I was honestly pretty excited. I hadn’t really played a great squad-based game in a while, and this seemed to be just that.

The game takes you right into the front lines, as you take control of Sgt. Matt Baker, a member of the 101st Airborne Paratroopers Unit. From here you will find that his unit goes through much hardships and this is where you get to go behind enemy lines and this really puts you directly into the action. Although the storyline may not be as deep as other games, its dramatic introduction and brilliant cut scenes throughout the game really keep you glued to the screen. Let me tell you from the story and the gameplay, you really do get the scary suspicion of what it may have been like for these extremely brave soldiers who fought for our country and the world during this horrific time.

So past the story you just jump into the game’s campaign mode, which is actually the heart of the game. So the game has the storyline but does it have the gameplay to back it up, you may be asking. Well as of late, squad-based shooters have really been suffering, primarily from poor AI, which is absolutely essential for any squad-based shooter. In Brothers in Arms, you get a game, which is complex and deep, yet really easy to pick up and play. For those of you who have played Full Spectrum Warrior, the game plays a bit similar to that, but it still has its own unique twists to it. By pushing the left trigger you bring up your options, which allow you to quickly issue commands. The thing about this command system is that it is meant to be quick and does just that, whether you’re under heavy enemy fire or otherwise.

What is so impressive to me about Brothers in Arms is that it takes strategy in real time and makes for a great game. Be warned that this is not an easy game. If you expect to try and beat this game with going all guns blazing, you got a whole other thing coming. The game really forces you to sit back and think about the best approach, and forces you to issue commands to your units in order to really do well in this game.

What makes this game even more impressive is the Xbox Live support, which is honestly the best online squad-based experience out there today. Although the modes just include Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, the ability to play this squad-based shooter online is just utterly spectacular. You do not get to play the game in Co-Op form, but what is nice is that the excellent computer AI totally makes up for it.

We of course would have loved a longer main mode and as well as more modes in the Xbox Live portion of the game, but even with that being said, the gameplay of Brothers in Arms is absolutely sublime. To be honest with you all this is by far the best squad-based shooter I have played in quite a while.


Brothers in Arms is one of those games that just starts off so beautiful that you just kind of wish that it would stay that perfect throughout the whole game. Unfortunately the greatness of the game’s visuals does wear off after sometime. The game starts off with its most beautiful environments right at the get go, and from there sort of throws a progressively less impressive experience at you from there on out.

It’s not that the game is all that bad looking, it just starts off so great that you’d be disappointed when it does not stay that way for the whole game. With that being said, the character models are all beautifully rendered, with quite a bit of detail. The environments start off great and from there we start to see less and less detail as the game progresses. The one big positive the game possesses is that it doesn’t suffer from any slowdown, and has a very consistent frame rate. Overall the visuals of Brothers in Arms are a very good one but definitely leaves room for improvements.

Fun Factor

First and foremost Brothers in Arms is just a plain old fun game that is easy to pick up but extremely hard to master, which is what I love most about the game. Of course like I mentioned earlier both the Xbox Live support and the campaign mode could have been beefier, but the gameplay in the game really sets new standards for future squad-based shooters, as this game offers up the great AI as well as the amazing control scheme. This game for any fan of the genre is going to be a whole lot of fun.


Plain and simple this is one of the best games in the first quarter of 2005, and that is because of its addictive gameplay, great storyline, and the combination of fun and strategy. If you are in the market for a new squad-based shooter for your Xbox this game would be perfect for you!

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