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Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy

PC, ReviewsMikePC, Pirates, Steam


I have always been a huge supporter of independent games, and I believe that some of the best games ever made are independent ones. Buccaneer is an indie game that was created by just 2 people. As impressive as this is, pirate games have never really been my bag. Will this game change my mind? Or not? Read our full review to find out.


Buccaneer is a game that is a somewhat strange experience to get used to because it really does not play like many games I have played before. The first thing that struck me was the aiming system for the ship which I sort of feel is one of the weaker points of the game because it can become very difficult to fight enemies, especially when you don’t know what you are doing. The aiming is all based on the angle the ships are at so you will spend a lot of time missing your target. Control of the ship is also a bit stiff which makes turning around a bit of a pain, but certainly not impossible by any means. Once you get used to everything that is thrown your way things get much easier and more manageable.

It is a mission based game, and there is a great variety of mission types from just blowing up everything and anyone you see to exploring islands and gathering cargo. These all work well, and for the most part are very fun. Each mission awards you gold to buy upgrades and repairs, and also infamy. The upgrading adds a bit of depth to the experience and gives us a clear cut goal to strive for. The missions start off very easy and progressively grow more difficult as you complete them.


Buccaneer is a great looking game, when I think of most indie games I think of great gameplay, but someone average visuals. Buccaneer really impressed me with its visuals almost immediately just by the look of the water, which is done almost to perfection. The lighting is also done very well, and really complements the texture of the water and land. The ships look decent, but a little more detail would have been good to see.

The display and menus are all very well done, and are straightforward yet informative. I never got lost during a mission nor did I lose track of my objective which is a great thing to see rather than an overly complicated display that confuses more than helps. The menus are simple, but you can tell that you have a good deal of options for what you can do within the game.

Fun Factor

Now as I said before, I am not a huge fan of pirate games because for the most part they have all been simulations, but Buccaneer is more of an arcade experience and it works very well. Once I got over some of the issues with the controls I had a great deal of fun with the game.

It has enough depth for the simulation players yet is fairly easy to jump into for those who have never played before. Controlling the ship is difficult, but realistic because a ships range of motion is quite limited and therefore difficult to control. If you are willing to see past a few design flaws here and there you can definitely have a lot of fun with Buccaneer.


Buccaneer is a fun game made by a pair of very talented designers. The graphics are top notch and some of the best I have ever seen in an independent game. There is a definite style to them and they work very well with the gameplay. The gameplay, more specifically the aiming and ship control, can get a bit frustrating and difficult, but is so because it is more realistic. If you are interested in pirates or just good arcade like games pick this one up on steam for only $20.00.