Burnout 3: Takedown

Burnout 3: Takedown


It seems like week after week more and more racing games are coming out onto the market, with most of them being pretty middle-of-the-line games. It’s not very often that a racing title comes out and takes the gaming world by storm. Now as Electronic Arts takes the Burnout license from the late Acclaim Studios, they attempted to create a game that combines the typical Burnout experience plus a whole bunch more. Can Criterion create the ultimate racer or will this game end up running on fumes? Read our review to find out!


When choosing from different racing titles there are a few different characteristics that most of us look for. To start with they of course have to be fun, and then they also have to be challenging, and to top it all off they have to have a pretty good amount of cars and tracks to choose from. So does Burnout 3: Takedown grabs all of the necessities? The simple answer is yes, and so much more.

If you ask me Burnout 2 was an amazing game that was not only fun to play by yourself, but also has an amazing multiplayer mode. The game combined for fast and furious arcade style racing that had its very own unique style that really worked well. In Burnout 3: Takedown much of this style of gaming is still intact. In Burnout 3 the game combines all of these spectacular game modes that was in the second, adds its own, and then throws in split screen and online play.

The whole premise behind the Burnout series has to be driving, and when we say driving, we are not talking about try to keep your car all nice and shiny, we are talking about living on the wild side. The game hosts the options of embarking on a single event or going through the very long career mode. There is also a bunch of different multiplayer options to run through, as well including the all-impressive online mode. The events of the game include Race, Time Attack, Road Rage, and Crash.

To start with the racing mode is just what you would expect in the Burnout series. You go up against five other racers who race just as dirty as you will. This is because the game not only offers boost for driving on the wild side but it also gives you a full bar of boost for "taking down" your opponents (hence the subtitle). The Takedown system adds a whole new aspect to the game that is just a whole lot of fun to mess around with. The Time Attack mode really just goes along with the racing mode, minus the takedowns. This is probably the least appealing out of all the game modes.

The Road Rage mode would probably be my favorite game modes in the game as it offers a different type of racing which is how many cars can you take down in the given time. This mode doesn’t involve a whole lot of skill but instead serves up a great way to just sit back and try to take out as many cars as possible. So that leaves us to the final mode being the Crash mode, which is a return mode from Burnout 2. This mode puts you in an environment where the whole purpose is to make as big of a crash as possible. The more damage you do the higher the score you get. A new addition added to Burnout 3 was the ability to go into crash time by pressing the R1 button, which allows you to maneuver your car during the crash to try and make the maximum crash.

To tie all of these modes together we are given a huge World Tour mode that has you going all over the world competing in different events with your main objective being to grab the gold in all of the events. You can do whatever events you want in whatever order you would want to do them in. The path you take through this career mode is totally up to you. Through the career mode you will get plenty of unlockable content that is defiantly worth trying to get.

What is so amazing about Burnout 3 is not so much its excellent modes but instead its amazing gameplay. The speed of Burnout 3 is extremely fast paced which allows you to make some truly amazing crashes. Not only has that but the game controlled so beautifully that it really feels like your driving a Porsche around town. I can stress enough how well Criterion did when they created these controls. The game performs so beautifully there is no slowdown, no glitches, and just pure racing perfection. I would have to say this is the best arcade racing title that has hit the market in the past three years. With all of the different modes and the excellent controls, this is just hands down a great playing game.


The Burnout series has always been a pretty good-looking racing title that has always tried to make their crash sequences look impressive. Now in its third edition how does this Burnout fair?

Well in Burnout 3 the name of the game are the takedown sequences, which are by far the most impressive sequences of the game. While driving through the game, the cars take some serious damage and the graphics show them pretty accordingly. All the cars when starting the race are very nicely detailed and the lighting effects in the game really do a great job of showing the games true glory. These crashes not only show the damage to the car but the particle system is one of the best I have ever seen in a racing game. Not only do the crashes look great, but also the graphics offer a great perspective of speed that really makes you feel like you are going in the three-digits range. The only part I think Criterion could have done a better job on is the environments, which lack in the detail department as they all start looking the same after a while.

Overall the graphics of Burnout 3: Takedown is still drop dead gorgeous. With the beautiful car models, the excellent crash sequences, and the good racing environments, it ends up being a very good-looking game.

Fun Factor

When it all boils down the main reason Burnout 3: Takedown was created was to be a fun game, and for that they succeeded with flying colors. Burnout 3 combines both an excellent single and multiplayer gameplay that will keep most gamers busy for month. The controls are so a group of friends could just pick up the game and start playing with no problem what so ever. Burnout 3: Takedown is by far the most enjoyable racing title that has hit the market in quite sometime. Its fast pace and excellent crash sequences just put this game over the top.


Burnout 3: Takedown just has all of the essentials in place to make a great arcade racing title. Any fan of the series or any racing fan enthusiast must go pick this game up it is really worth every penny.

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