Burnout Revenge

Burnout Revenge


The whole arcade racing genre was forever changed a year ago when a game that went by the title Burnout 3 hit this generation of consoles, and become arguably one of the best for this genre. Well now fast forward to a year later and we are here talking about the next game in the series - Burnout Revenge. So does this game come and take revenge with even better arcade style racing, or did the series take a complete u-turn? Read our full review to find out!


For those that are unfamiliar with the Burnout series, you should be happy, because I am here to bring you in for a crash course of what this series is all about. Ever since the introduction of Burnout, I have seen two main goals of the series. The first is to go as fast as possible and the second is really to make some great crash sequences. Sound like fun? To be honest the Burnout series, although not always this polished, has always been a fun enjoyable series. In my eyes, it always had the potential to break out and last year’s game was the one to do it.

Now before I get too far along and ahead of myself, I better first state that last year’s game really was a huge leap forward for the series. Burnout Revenge is not going for that same goal, but instead is just trying to improve upon what was already great about the previous game (Burnout 3). One of the biggest changes this year is that the racing has actually been mixed up a little from what we normally expect. You really have to use the traffic (which there is actually more of) to your advantage by using the oncoming cars as blockades and just plain old weapons. Burnout Revenge rewards you for using this on coming traffic and let me tell you this whole ordeal is very satisfying.

The game of course has a world tour mode that of course has been upgraded quite a bit from the previous game. Let me tell you, it is really quite deep, maybe even too deep for the casual gamers. The game of course gives you a ton of single player races to participate in, and lets just say you won’t have any shortage of those. The mode once again doesn’t really try to get your attention. It basically just gives you a list of races you need to complete and lets you have it, and lets the games racing do the talking for it. Throughout the mode you will get to go through plenty of different cars, all of which drive differently and are a lot of fun to drive.

Although I am probably not alone on this preference, one of my favorite modes of the Burnout series has been the crash mode, which of course is where you really just get to make an utter mess out of all the different environments in the game. Well in Burnout Revenge, you can see that the developers have even expanded this mode by adding some crazy jumps and really just some extremely thrilling and exciting locals. That made it not only fun the first hundred times, but to be honest I don’t think it ever gets old. I guarantee you, get a group of friend’s together throw this mode on, and prepare for a lot of yelling and a lot of great crashes.

The game also features online play, which supports up to six players multiplayer. Although this may not sound like fun, wait till you do get online! The game really has a great leader board system that will remind a lot of Halo 2, as the game really has a ton of options to choose from. Let’s just say once you get online with Burnout Revenge, you’re not going to want to get offline because of how much great material online. I was very impressed with how well Burnout Revenge also held up online, as lag really never seemed like an issue.

I know a lot of people were worried that this was going to be more of an expansion to Burnout 3 rather then a totally new experience, and what I have to say to those people is that rest assured this is a great successor. Although the game may not seem like it added a whole lot of new features, what it did do was improve tremendously on an already great game. You can expect even better course designs and much more intense racing. Overall the gameplay is smooth and exciting, and I can once again say that this is one of the best playing arcade racers on the market.


The visuals of Burnout 3 was one of the key factors of why the game was as great as it was, because without the high quality visuals, there is no way the crashes nor the racing would be as exciting as it was. Well what really surprised me about Burnout Revenge was that it actually was quite a bit better looking then was Burnout 3, which really was an excellent looking game. The thing that really stood out in my mind about this game was the course design which are heavily detailed, have a great use of color, and have so many different ways to go that it’s just amazing the graphical detail that the developers put into this.

The car models have been improved quite a bit as well from the previous year, as I found them to really just seem extremely impressive. I think what impressed me the most about this game though was that the frame rate held up beautifully throughout the whole thing. Even though you race at extremely fast speeds, the frame rate stays consistent and looks great from start to finish.

Fun Factor

Of course the game does not have any real new overwhelming features that are really going to solely separate itself from the previous game. I gave Burnout 3 a 10/10, which I don’t do very often, and it just did not seem right for this game to get it as well as it was just improving off a great game rather then being a great game. With that being said the game is still an extremely fun and fast paced experience. This is one of those games that if you do get tired of it, a few months down the road it is still addictive and is still a ton of fun to play.


Burnout Revenge is a great game and there is really no two ways about it. Sure the game may not have a new feature that just amazes me, but it has the same great fundamentals of Burnout 3 and improves upon them and that is truly what makes Burnout Revenge a great game. If you enjoyed Burnout 3, then you really need to go down to your local electronic store and pick up a copy of Burnout Revenge, as it truly is a great game.

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