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There are so many different FPS on the market today and it can really be hard to decipher through them and pick the right one for you. And what may even make it more confusing is the fact that there are so many of these games that are coming from great series of games that have the potential to continue to be great games. One of the hottest games to come out this holiday season is a game from Infinity Ward which attempts to take there famous Call of Duty series and bring it to a whole new level in Call of Duty 2 for the PC. So does this game end up being a fantastic first person shooter? Read our full review to find out!


One of the big reasons why the original Call of Duty game from Infinity Ward was so impressive was because of its very unique style that separated it from many of the other first person shooters on the market. What was great about Call of Duty was the amazing style and cinematic approach it gave the whole experience that really just made you feel like you were actually in the battles and they accomplished this through a number of original strategies that worked beautifully in the game. So can Call of Duty 2 expand upon these ideas?

Call of Duty put you into three different storylines with three different campaigns something that remains true in Call of Duty 2. Basically there are three different men you will take control of one from American, one from Britain, and one from Russia. Throughout the campaigns you will be able to see the different sides of the war and some different perspectives on the war as well. I liked the idea in Call of Duty and this execution of the story continues strongly in Call of Duty 2 giving an even more immersive storyline and an even better sense of the war.

The biggest change to this game is actually the missions which are much more epic compared to what we saw last year. No longer are you going to beside a few helpful compatriots but instead you will literally be in mostly full fledged battles that truly give an amazing feeling to the game. The missions are still for the most part linear but the same sense that was given in the first game is still in Call of Duty 2 and that is just of an amazing battle feel. The game just flows so fluidly and just gives such a great war sense that it is hard to put this down. The different campaigns offer up a different feel to the game as well and this allows for plenty of variety in the game.

The multiplayer similar to the previous game is also not all that revolutionary for the FPS genre but instead just takes what is great about the offline capabilities of this game and successfully manages to make it extremely entertaining to go online and play. You have your typical Deathmatch, team Deathmatch, capture the flag modes to choose from along side search and destroy (an old Call of Duty favorite) and a headquarters mode. There is plenty of variety between the modes and they all play extremely well. From my experiences lag was never an issue and the whole multiplayer experience was extremely impressive.

In the end Call of Duty 2 may not have brought a whole lot of new to the fore front but what it did do, was allow for an extremely entertaining WWII FPS experience. There may be plenty of games in this WWII FPS genre but Call of Duty 2 stands out in my opinion with its amazing cinematic approach that really just makes for a very unique and extremely exciting WWII shooter, to say the least you will be on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


A lot of people may complain that this game really requires a huge system to be able to run this game at its fullest, and that is the truth, this is a system monster. However if you do have a system that can run this game at its full potential it truly is a treat in every way imaginable. First off let me just say that the complexity and the detail that goes into every single battle is absolutely stunning and I can never say I have seen anything quite as impressive before. The game offers up some beautiful animations as well with both explosions as well as just the every day gun fire.

The whole look of Call of Duty 2 just never misses a beat keeping a very consistent flow of amazing visuals from start to finish. Like I said this game is going to need a great system to run it at its full potential, but when you look at how great this game looks if you have the system you will really respect what Infinity Ward was able to accomplish with this game.

Fun Factor

When I look at my experience with Call of Duty 2 I have to say that I was extremely impressed with how well Infinity Ward did with this sequel. There are many sequels around that just do not add a whole lot to the package but this game manages to bring a great visual overhaul with some of the most addicting WWII action that I have discovered this year. The way the campaign is set up is extremely addicting and the multiplayer may not be revolutionary but is still extremely fun as well. If you enjoy WWII shooters, you will enjoy Call of Duty 2.


Call of Duty 2 is a great game no matter how many WWII shooters there are. When I look at what this game has to offer in terms of Gameplay, presentation, and sound this game really just wins across the board. Call of Duty 2 is a great game that fans of the series should not miss out on!

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