Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


Call of Duty 4 is the next installment of the infintely popular Call of Duty series, and is the first to step outside the realm of World War II. It is the next game by developers Infinity Ward who made Call of Duty 1, and 2, and features one of the most robust online modes out there. It has been one of the most highly anticipated games of this holiday season but does it live up to the immense expectations? Read on to find out...


The Call of Duty series has always been known for its intense, and realistic gameplay, and the 4th installment does not disappoint for a second. Single player features a full length story that gives you plenty of people to shoot, and the shooting both online and off is extremely solid. There is a large variety of weapons at your disposal both online and off, and it is really refreshing to get away from the WWII weapons. The modern setting does not feel tacked on which is a relief, but also does not take away from the great formula of the previous games. The single player is good enough, but everyone knows people play Call of duty for the Multiplayer, and that lives up to the hype in a big way.

The Online mode in Call of Duty 4 is easily worth the $60 price tag alone, and is the deepest, funnest, and most stable multiplayer game to date. Ranks are utilized in a near-perfect fashion, rewarding those who play often, well, and encouraging players to change up their strategy to unlock different rewards. Guns are unlocked as the player progresses, but the higher levels never feel unbeatable, and the guns seem to be very balanced. The one complaint I do have with the online mode is that grenades are a bit too powerful, but this could be attributed to the realism its not the biggest of concerns. There is little to no lag on PSN which is great to see, and the party system is a welcome addition. The only bad things that can be said about the game mainly have to do with the PSN. Friends can only be added outside of the game on the XMB, and the clan support is rather flimsy, other than that the game is really without flaw. Rounding out the experience is a great variety of play modes with the old favorites that you would expect along with some new, and very fun modes.


It’s almost hard to believe how photo-realistic the graphics for Call of Duty 4 are, but they are in fact very real, and look fantastic on an HD display. Character models are fantastic as are all attributes of the visuals, and perhaps the most important thing to note is that the game runs great, with little or no slow-downs. The online visuals are very similar to the offline ones, with stunning explosions that break up the amazing enviorments. The levels feature varied enviorments that make every map or level feel different, and all look great. The lighting and shadow effects are some of the best ever seen, and the weather effects are also very realistic.

Fun Factor

Given the superb online play along with the very solid offline play, it’s hard to name much that’s wrong with this game. Everything is done so well, and is so polished that it will be hard to top for a long time. Some of the single player missions are better than others, but the full package definitely makes up for any small grievances that could be had. The rank system provides great value online, and the different difficulty settings will keep the offline players challenged for a long time.


Call of Duty 4 is easily one of the best games of 2007, and is definitely the best FPS we have seen in a long time. The new setting brings with it a great new feel, and is a welcome change to the barrage of WWII shooters that have cluttered the market. A must buy for any FPS fan, and a game that will be very hard to put down.