Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


The eighth installment of Call of Duty has been released following Black Ops, which was released in November 2010. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, also regarded as MW3, was developed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer with assistance from Raven Software. Since its highly anticipated release on November 8th, it has grossed over $775 million worldwide in the first week. The single player campaign begins where MW2 left off in 2016 with several returning characters. The time has come where you must fight against the enemy as World War 3 has completely obliterated our way of life and future.


I’d like to break down the gameplay and get into the single player campaign first. You follow and play several characters throughout the story as you attempt to destroy your enemies. Starting with Soap, you’re carted into a room where a doctor is forced by Price to take care of your wounds. You fade in and out of pain and consciousness as the room is destroyed by a blast from a crashing plane. From that point, you are switched from Frost as he assists his team in taking down a communications tower in the New York Stock Exchange to Yuri sniping enemies to prevent them from approaching the safehouse in India. In a lot of the missions, you remain as Yuri a bit more throughout the story. You learn of Yuri’s previous ties and his utter disdain for Makarov as he continues to hunt him down. I guess sometimes you don’t realize which character you are playing until someone addresses you by their name in the game. Apparently, all I cared about was shooting, killing and passing that particular mission, which is what some people do with games like MW3.

The way to get through this campaign is to think about where you’re going to move to and get there quickly. The story remains linear and you suddenly feel as if you are watching an action movie. There aren’t any decisions that detour or defect from the storyline and if you mess up, you die quickly. However, you can recover from your wounds due to your health regenerating once you take cover.  The gameplay remained exciting but yet a little predictable. I was able to enjoy the gunfight throughout the stock exchange many times, since I kept being a smart ass and decided to go the wrong way.

Now to the multiplayer, I have played a few hours of Black Ops and have to say this is pretty much the same kind of action to expect with subtle differences. I am glad spawn killing is a bit harder to conduct due to the many spawn points available. Some of the maps resemble many of the maps available on Black Ops, so I felt a bit comfortable running around and getting owned by people who have already prestiged once or more. I appreciate the ownage that happens but I get too frustrated at times and just stop playing for a few hours. I must admit that I have rage quit once during Team Deathmatch. The modes available in other Call of Duty installments are also in the multiplayer lobby. But in addition to those, there are new game modes that have been added such as Kill Confirmed and Team Defender. Kill Confirmed has you collect the dog tags of a fallen enemy before the kill is registered. The dog tags float above the fresh kill and can be attained by either your team or the enemy. Team Defender requires teams to capture a flag that has been dropped by the first person who gets killed when the match starts. They have to hold it to gain double points while the team without the flag only gets the regular kill points.

Both modes attempt to build camaraderie with your teammates as you have to work together to prevent points or positions being taken away. However, people have a different idea as to what teamwork is about and completely go their own way. I like teamwork and teambuilding, even though I’m probably the weakest link on a MW3 team at the moment, but I’m willing to work with people to get an objective done. I help the fallen with revenge or revival, but usually I’m left high and dry as I lay dying by the capture point. Now, if you don’t do well with the kill and death ratio like me, you have an option to use the Support Strike package. Each strike is unlocked by how many kills you get instead of getting killstreaks, like the Assault and Specialist packages. The Support and Specialist packages are new to MW3 and I think both have helped me tremendously with the way I attack the enemy.

In Spec Ops, you can either play online with friends or go solo against the computer. You can select between Survival or Mission mode. Survival Mode is where you fight off waves of enemies and see how long you can last. Throughout the match, you are given weapons upgrades to assist you with different kinds of enemies, such as Helicopters that make it impossible to move around without getting shot full of holes. Mission mode is where the missions are split into four tiers of four missions, each having a certain rank level requirement to access. All but 3 of the missions have three difficulty levels. You unlock each progressive level as you go from one tier to the other. My mode choice was solo survival. I enjoyed the back and forth between the AI enemies and my attempts of upgrading my weapons during the waves, which caused my sudden demise after the fourth wave.



Created using the more modified and improved IW 4.0 engine, the graphics of the game looked nice and looked like other Call of Duty games. The explosions were awesomely made, which would make Michael Bay jealous. The intensity of the single player makes the user feel as if you are in the game experiencing the action as you move forward. The atmosphere that the game creates does completely surround you as you attempt to fight the enemies and assist your friends. Camera angles draw in more drama as the explosions and modern buildings collapsing assist in making the experience realistic, in which I think they great job, just like in every Call of Duty game.

Fun Factor

It’s a Call of Duty game, when is it not fun? The lag issues and host migration issues can hamper the ability to enjoy the multiplayer part. It was simply an inconvenience; however, having to connect and disconnect every time I started a match was really freaking annoying. With griping aside, I enjoyed Spec Ops and the Survival Mode due to being able to sustain life against waves upon waves of AI driven enemies. I guess since I didn’t have to deal with a multiplayer match. If you enjoy shooters, this is just another game to add to your collection. The new and old multiplayer modes allow for hours upon hours of shooting and fun. You definitely can’t forget the fun part of shooting enemies, blowing intel and HQ up, and sneaking around the corner to stab the camper.



MW3 lives up to the already cemented reputation of the Call of Duty series; however, it appears to be almost like an expensive DLC for Black Ops. As a friend of mine said about this game, a shooter is a shooter. Many diehard CoD fans have been disappointed in this title overall. There are definitely some issues with lag times and host migration. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it has cost me enough of my patience just waiting for a host or getting dropped from a server. The frustration definitely takes away the fun from the gameplay to where I really didn’t want to play it anymore. I know for sure that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a shooter that was made well and allows you to lose yourself in its adventure, competition and action packed atmosphere, but it definitely has its flaws that we all have to work through. I personally wouldn’t buy this game as I see this as more of a rental than a purchase. If you’ve got friends that play this all or some of the time, it’s worth the rental fee to at least play the multiplayer with them. Maybe try out a few hours of the single player. I’d definitely play Spec Ops more often. If you’re a diehard CoD fan, try then buy it. I’m sure the allure of its graphics and multiplayer gameplay will help you out in making a better decision.