Capcom Classics Collection


It seems that developers have the habit of releasing compilations of older video games, whether to let gamers relive their fond memories, or just milk the franchise till it runs dry. So far there really hasn’t been "one premiere" compilation that has stood out among the rest. Well Capcom is here to try and change that, with Capcom Classics Collection for the Xbox. So is this the best compilation of them all? Read our full review to find out!


When you look at any compilation game, whether it be for a certain genre or just a single company, there are always certain things you look for. First off, you always want to see whether the lineup of games is diversified enough to keep you interested. Secondly, I always look for the quality of the port - whether or not the game performs well on the console. And finally you just look and make sure everything in the compilation is fun and worthwhile to play again. So can Capcom Classics Collection bring all of these ideas to the table?

Capcom Classics Collection actually consists of twenty classic titles, which is a great number for any compilation, especially for only $20. Since there are a total of twenty of these games, I am not going to try and cover all of them, but instead concentrate on some of the more popular choices in the game. The compilation includes games like 1942, Street Fighter II, Commando, Ghouls n’ Ghosts, and Final Fight. The list of games in this compilation is not only extensive, but is also extremely impressive, giving plenty to choose from.

The porting of all these games to the Xbox was actually an impressive accomplishment for the development team. Games like Street Fighter 2, which are very reliant on the control scheme were ported without a problem, and actually surprisingly feel like they were made very nicely for the Xbox. I was impressed with how the game really allowed you to feel like you were playing all of these arcade classics at the arcade, however with an Xbox controller.

In the end, when you look at Capcom Classics Collection on the Xbox, you see a game that has a ton of different games from all sorts of different genres that all play rather well on this console. For those that may remember playing some of these games, you will truly enjoy reliving them in this solid compilation.


The transition from the arcades to the Xbox was a smooth one for all of these Capcom classics, as there are very few graphical issues with this game. I would have liked some cleaner menus for the game, and there were some small graphical problems with a few of the older classic games as well. With all of this being said, Capcom Classics Collection is good looking game that for the most part doesn’t manage to do anything overly wrong.

Fun Factor

Capcom Classic Collection is a solid game that has a lot of the great arcade classics from Capcom, and combines them all into a very workable compilation that I enjoyed from start to finish. The great thing about this compilation is that it allows you to really enjoy all sorts of games from Capcom, instead of just one particular type. The porting of the games to was impressive giving you the old arcade experiences feeling new again on the Xbox.


Capcom Classics Collection is a solid game that has a lot of great older arcade titles to work with. For those who enjoy old classics and don’t want to fork out a whole lot of money, Capcom has the game for you in Capcom Classics Collection. There is truly no other game for twenty dollars that gives you this many great arcade classics in one package deal. This is why Capcom Classics Collection is by far one of the best compilations on the market to date.

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