Capcom Fighting Evolution


The 2D fighting genre in my opinion hit a rut when it got to this generation of consoles as we just haven’t seen those stand out fighters like they did back on the previous consoles. We saw games like Street Fighter and Virtua Fighter that just took the whole gaming world by storm. Well now we see one of the leading companies of the fighting genre Capcom in their latest fighting game, Capcom Fighting Evolution for the Xbox. So does this game manage to capture the old great genre that is fighting? Read our full review to find out how just good or bad Capcom Fighting Evolution is!


For those of you who haven’t kept a close watch on the fighting genre, you will find that 2D fighters have been hanging around for quite sometime now. There have been a lot of us who have thought that the 2D genre was really going to hit a close and yet we still have been seeing some of these 2D fighters coming out in the past few years. Well now we have another one of these 2D fighters that tries to really keep this genre alive. Can it?

In this game you have a few different modes to choose from, including Arcade, Versus, Training, and the most exciting of them all, Xbox Live support. This game of course has characters coming from Street Fighter, Red Earth, and Darkstalkers series. So Capcom Fighting Evolution takes characters from these three game series and tries to make this classic lineup work for to their favor.

The game has this "tag" system, which isn’t much of a tag system as it is more of a two versus two system. I thought when I read that this game was going to play with a tag team style that you would be able to call on both characters at anytime during the fight and so it would be something like wrestling and would make for more strategy. However with that being said the game actually has you have two players and once one has been beaten then comes the next character in. And therefore that really releases any sort of new strategy to the fighting genre.

What really bothered about Capcom Fighting Evolution was that this game really didn’t bring anything new to the table. This game takes some of the classic arcade fighters out there and really just didn’t offer anything new in terms of gameplay. If you have played any of these old arcade fighters then you will realize that Capcom did not do anything to really improve anything with the gameplay in this game.

The game of course does have the Xbox Live support, but I mean that is just like playing against someone in the same room except you have the occasional lag. I just didn’t find any reason to really dive deep into the Xbox Live support as this is just the same 2D fighting just with a different title. I must say that this game really could have been a whole lot better had they tried to work the gameplay a bit more and really tried to add some more depth to this game. This game really just could not get itself off the ground and really do anything new for this already aging 2D fighting genre.


What really bothered me about this game in the visual department were the character models which try to resemble the characters from the original games, and this just means that they don’t look very good. The amount of detail on any of these characters really was very bad and just the look in my opinion should have been improved from their original state.

What saved the visuals for Capcom Fighting Evolution in my opinion are the environments, which are very colorful and very nicely detailed. I was impressed also with all of the variety the environments as well. The overall visuals in the game are nothing to really write home about, and would have been much better had the character models been upgraded.

Fun Factor

I am a huge fan of going back and playing classic games, but to pay money to play a game that really has nothing besides Xbox Live support that really was new for the fighting genre. I was not disappointed to see that Capcom Fighting Evolution just never did anything new nor was it all that fun in my opinion because all of this can be played on all of the old games for a lot less money. The Xbox Live support was a neat addition but not enough was done with it.


Capcom Fighting Evolution was really just anything it was made out to be. I mean the idea of being able to play as these classic Capcom fighters is a great one, but the execution was so bland and un-original that it just caused me to sit back and wonder why they didn’t put more work into this game to really make it more of a new game rather then a rehash of old 2D fighters.

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