Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver


For the PlayStation 2 we had Stuntman, while Xbox has its own stunt title, the aptly name Totalled!, but none of them have really been very good stunt racing games. Well BAM! Entertainment has stepped up to the challenge and has done an excellent job with Chase Hollywood Stunt Driver, the latest stunt game for the Xbox game console.


You play as Chase, a professional stunt driver who you ride on motorcycles, cars, and trucks. As Chase, you will really only play the one mode, that being the career mode. It is really the only mode of the game that is worth playing.

Once you get into the career mode, you will start with a few basic scenes in which you will have about ten objectives per scene. These objectives can range from hitting so many telephone booths, to completing the scenes thirty seconds before the time is up. They really become a little repetitive, and you feel like you are doing the same objectives for all the scenes, which hurt the game in the long run.

Once you get into your vehicle it’s really off the races. The only problem is there isn’t many times in which you get to pull off very great stunts. A lot of the time you are just riding your vehicle through narrow alleys, and running through on coming cars, or falling objects. Very rarely in the game do you actually get to pull off some excellent stunts, and when you do actually have the chance to do it, it always happens at the very end of the scene. With that being said, there are still some plus sides to add to the game. In fact the game is quite fun. You are moving at very high speeds, and riding around is actually quite fun.

As you ride in all of the different vehicles, you will notice that all of them handle differently. This makes progressing to the next scene with a different vehicle a bit hard. But if you take the time to master the controls, you’ll do just fine.

One of the most important factors of Stunt games is the replay, and although they do not compare to how well Stuntman’s looked, they were pretty impressive. They take the right camera angles most of the time, and always do a good job capturing the last stunt of the scene, which is always the grand finale.

The controls of Chase are really pretty simple. You really don’t press a few buttons. You press the back trigger buttons to go and brake, the A button to use your turbo, and the X button to perform a stunt. This makes for a much easier experience that that of Stuntman.

Chase features 4-channel surround sound. That might be enough, but I can help but feel that BAM! somehow forgot that the Xbox supports 5.1 channels sound, which would have made the game better. Explosions sound a bit muted, and they don’t pack that much punch you’d expect from an action-packed game. One thing that annoyed me constantly are the screaming pedestrians. And you get a lot of that in this game. Just shows you that the title need to be more polished if its going to attract a following.


This is not one of those games that will blow you away with its stunning graphics. In fact, the graphics of Chase are really not that impressive, especially when we know what kind of power the Xbox’s graphical engine can churn out. Almost everything, from the vehicles to the landscape themselves look jagged and lack sharpness.

The graphics look fine when you’re driving around at full speed, but once you stop, the graphic falters and rears its ugly head. It reminds me of previous releases on the N64 or the old PlayStation. Certainly not next-generation stuff.

Fun Factor

I really believe the Fun Factor section of the review is really the one where most people should be reading because this should tell you the most about the game. For Chase, I can tell you really one thing, and that being the game is a lot of fun. The crash physics of the game are very forgiving, so if you crash into one vehicle the whole scene is not ruined, in fact you can crash several times and still complete the objectives.


If you had played Stuntman, you would probably agree that the game could really cause some severe headaches. Well that is no longer the case with Chase, which is why I recommend it to anyone who wants to play a Stunt Driving game.

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