Coded Arms


It seems like I begin every PSP review the same, and that is by saying that this is a platform that is desperately searching for a standout title to take it back into the spotlight. Ever since the PSP has been launch, it really has taken a back seat in terms of publicity, and to be honest its not every day you see someone playing a PSP like I have seen with the GBA or even the Nintendo DS. So today we got the great opportunity to check out a game that has the potential to really take the platform over the top, can it? Read our full review to find out!


To me, creating a first person shooter on a platform that has such a small screen and that has controls that are not the easiest to get the hang of would be a tough platform to develop for. And that is probably why we haven’t seen much in terms of shooters for the handheld gaming market. Well now Konami marks their foray into PSP gaming with this futuristic FPS for gamers on the go. But the question is can they actually accomplish that goal?

When you look at Coded Arms, you see the potential for an engaging storyline, but for whatever reason it seems like Konami put this as last on their list. All we really know about this game is that it takes place in the future where humans can put there brains into computers, and basically that’s where the game leaves us. We never find out anything more to our character, and this is disappointing because it just feels like one of the many missed opportunities with this game.

The game’s single player is rather lengthy, but when you look the level design and the AI in the game, it is more tedious then enjoyable. First off, the game’s level design just isn’t all that creative, and seems like every other FPS out there. The enemies in the game just never can seem to lock and load, and therefore there are a lot of times where the game seems rather easy. The game also doesn’t do much in terms of trying to change the levels up and so it feels like your doing the same sort of run and gun action throughout the entirety of the game.

One of the concerns I had with this game was the controls, and this is one area that Coded Arms came up better then expected. The controls in the game can be a little tough at times, but I think Konami did a great job of allowing you to set the controls you want to use and making use of the PSP controller in the best possible manner. I can’t say that the controls were perfect, but they were impressive considering this is a handheld gaming machine.

Probably the most talked about portion of Coded Arms was not the single player mode but instead the multiplayer, where you could play with up to four players in an Ad Hoc connection. Unfortunately the game does not include online play, which is rather depressing considering the possibilities that this could have brought to the game had this been included. Nevertheless the game still has the four player local games, and although they are a lot of fun to play, the game just really never makes anything overly exciting. As for me, I just can’t say I ever was truly looking forward to playing this multiplayer. It just failed to have anything new or interesting to really make for a fun or different experience. There also was some lag issues that the game never really got a hold of.


The one thing I really liked about Coded Arms was the visuals, which were very smooth from start to finish. I can’t say that there was anything overly special with the game’s visuals, but they had a decent amount of detail and I must say the developers did a nice job of having a very smooth futuristic feel throughout the game.

I was worried that the frame rate was going to be a problem in the game but fortunately it was not and was actually a great asset to the game rather then a hindrance. Overall the visuals of Coded Arms were nothing that the PSP can really brag about but also nothing to complain about either.

Fun Factor

The potential for Coded Arms was really great, as being the first FPS on the platform you have nothing to go up against, therefore it should be easier to make a great game. Well unfortunately Konami’s Coded Arms is nowhere near great, and in the end the repetitive gameplay that doesn’t offer up much of a challenge just never manages to really get its feet off the ground. The inclusion of online play would have been nice, and had the single player maybe had a story to make us care about the character and what’s happening, and better AI, we could really be talking about a totally different game.


Coded Arms really had its opportunity to be noticed but with the repetitive gameplay and the poor AI the game unfortunately just is nothing to write home about. Unless you can’t live without a FPS on your PSP, you are probably better off without Coded Arms as I am sure in the near future there will be better games to choose from.

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