Commandos 2: Men of Courage


I am sure most of us have played the famous Command and Conquer series on the PC, and we have all played many of those third person shooters. Well if you can combine those to and what you would really come up with is Commandos 2.


When you first sit down to take on Commandos 2, be prepared for a long, long road that is really going to have its ups and downs. I would also recommend starting with the tutorials, because they will definitely help you throughout the game. Commandos 2 actually have over 30 tutorials that you are available to you. This should probably tell you one thing and one thing only, and that is that this is not an easy game.

Once you�ve passed all of the tutorials, it�s on to the missions. There are three different level types, which are really just Hard, Harder, and Impossible. I really feel that there is not a normal mode. This makes it hard for novices or casual gamers to play the game. So once you pick which level of play you would like to test your skills at you are ready to start the missions.

The missions at first do not appear to be very complex, and in fact they�re not, but you have to learn exactly what the guards are going to do, where the land mines are, and how to complete your mission. Some of these missions can easily take an hour to complete. There is really a lot of trial and error involved with Commandos 2. This can really become a headache but at the same time it can really keep you wanting to beat the missions even more.

There are a total of 10+ scenarios and it will most likely take you a good 30+ minutes to complete each scenario on the normal setting. Through these scenarios you will be playing with Thieves, Green Berets, Demolition Experts, and many others that will help you complete the missions. Each scenario has a laundry list of objectives in which you have to complete and secondary objectives to keep you coming back for more.

If you have played the PC version of Commandos you would notice the wide array of controls in which you would have to learn to play the game. Well, as Xbox controllers don�t have that many buttons, the developers have assigned combos and shortcut menus to the game. This was not an easy task for Pyro and I give them credit for how well they did with the controls, but what is really boils down to is that this game was truly meant for the PC and not the console world.

The voice acting of Commandos is perfect for the game, it really blends right with the action and does a good job of getting the job done. Although the acknowledgement statements can get pretty repetitive after time.


You can look the graphics of Commandos two different ways. The landscape is beautiful and very detailed, which gives the game an overall polished look. On the other hand, things don�t fare too well when you start moving your characters around. I personally have no problems with the far way angle of the game. This gives you a better picture of the landscape, and would help you in figuring out how to complete your objectives. But my gripe lies with the little blurred images that are supposed to represent your characters. They�re much too small to make out any details whatsoever, which detracts from the gameplay a lot.

Another problem with the graphics is the camera, which can�t seem to make up its mind on where to go. It seems to stay in the wrong places all the time. When you are moving from one point to the next it seems like the camera lags and comes later then it needs to. There are lots of times in which the camera gets caught up at certain angles where you can�t see your team. Very disappointing indeed.

Fun Factor

It can really be fun if you get onto a winning streak, or you beat a level in which you had been having trouble with. Although it can also be a huge headache if a level just stumps you, like many of them will. If you�re looking for a tough and difficult game, then look no further as you�ll feel right at home with this one. However, if you�re just looking for a quicky and like to breeze through games, then this will not be a fun game for you. Personally I found that the game becomes much more enjoyable once you�ve mastered the controls.


Many have been complaining that games are becoming easier by the minute. Well, Commandos 2 seeks to change that by it�s steep learning curve. Gamers new to the genre might be put off by this, but if you have the patience to learn all the controls and get the hang of the gameplay, Commandos 2 will provide hours of enjoyment for you. Due to its high difficulty level, we can only recommend that you rent it first.

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