Conker: Live and Reloaded


Is it just me or is there a common theme of stuffed animals or just "cute" characters having foul mouths and just very violent attitudes? I mean look at all the TV shows that are now considered Adult cartoons, and all of the different video games that have done the same sort of thing. One of the pioneers in this trend was Conker, a squirrel who never was known for being the kid’s favorite gaming character because it was more aimed at an older audience. Well now Conker is back in Live and Reloaded for the Xbox. So does this game impress all those old Conker fans? Read our full review to find out!


For those of you who haven’t heard about Live & Reloaded this game is half a remake and half a brand new game. The game consists of two parts, the single player re-creation of Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and a brand new multiplayer mode that takes you on Xbox live, able to play against all of your buddies.

So to start the review, let’s talk about the single player version of Conker’s Bad Fur Day, which to be honest were passed up by N64 owners, probably because most of us who owned the console weren’t old enough to play the game. Now that quite a few years have past by the kids that were playing the N64 are probably old enough now to play the recreated Bad Fur Day, but is it really worth it. Well, having played the N64 version, I must say that this game has not changed at all. The developers have really decided to take what was great about the original game, make it look like an Xbox game and then put it out on the shelves.

I know that statement might sound somewhat negative, but in reality it really isn’t. I actually was very impressed by this remake, because it really just captured the same sort of feel that we had on the Nintendo 64. The game however does feel a bit aged with the way the platforming sequences were done, and the camera, but this all just kind of makes it feel even more like a remake which for this is not a bad thing.

One of the great things about Bad Fur Day was that it was based around comedy, which I find can be a little too "mature" for younger gamers. With that in mind, there were some jokes that were very funny at the time of the original, but felt flat when heard now. I would never recommend this brand of risqué humor for anyone under the mature rating age, and to be honest I just kind of wish the humor was cleaner, but I guess that is just me dreaming.

With the single player mode being a remake, it’s just a real treat that Rare offered up a whole other part to the game in the multiplayer, which is really a totally different experience in itself. The multiplayer has a pretty typical array of modes, but one of the best features is the sixteen-player support, which very few games have been doing. The multiplayer is split up into two sides, the SHC and the Tediz. Each of these sides has six different classes you can fall into, which is sort of like what we have seen from the Battlefield series.

What I like about the multiplayer in Live and Reloaded are not so much the two sides or the classes, but the environments, which I thought were pretty neat. I liked how all of the environments played in a very unique fashion that made you want to play all the maps rather then just sticking to one. One thing I did notice was that this game is only at its best when there are large numbers of players playing, as this is when the game really feels like it is supposed to in the online realm.

Conker however, on both online and offline modes, has some control issues that do take some time to get used to, and there are some unfortunate camera problems to speak of as well. But when you look at this game as a whole you have to be impressed as it has both a solid online and offline mode that will keep fans of the series very entertained.


One thing I was really worried about with Live and Reloaded was the fact that the game had the possibility of really altering the whole perception of Bad Fur Day with the graphics. Instead, Rare did a fantastic job of keeping the same style as the N64 game and upping the quality a few more times for the Xbox. I can’t say that the single player is without its problems, as there is the camera issue that happens not too often in the game, but happens enough to where it is an annoyance.

The multiplayer does suffer from some camera issues as well but the visuals are really some great cartoon style visuals that are mostly shown through the great environments, which I must say, impressed me quite a bit. Overall the visuals are not perfect but they are really nicely detailed and use a nice variety of color.

Fun Factor

If you know me you know I am a conservative Christian and I just have a problem with the humor Conker uses, it just seems too vulgar for me and I just didn’t care for it. With that being said, when I put that to the side I find that there is a fun game to be played here, and I was very impressed with how Rare remade this game. The multiplayer in this game was a very welcome and fun addition that I was also impressed by. To say the least putting the mature rating aside I enjoyed the core of the gameplay behind this game.


Conker: Live & Reloaded is a solid video game from start to finish, and there are very few games that can make that claim. If you enjoy this style of humor or even enjoyed Bad Fur Day, then you are going to enjoy the solid single and multiplayer modes in this game. If you’re not sure, the game is a perfect rental, but fans of the series should run out and buy this game.

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