You know it’s kind of funny because I have been reviewing for quite sometime and I have begun to notice that the only thing differentiating third person action shooters are their titles. Totally original games are proving to be very hard to come by, but rehashing the same tired concepts and gameplay mechanics without offering something innovative is unfortunate. For example how many third person shooters are we going to see in this year? If I was a betting man I would have to say quite a few, and with that being said today we get to look at another third person shooter that does of course tries to make its own name with some of its own unique traits. So does Constantine breathe new life into the third person shooter market? Read our full review to find out now!


For those of you who haven’t heard there is a movie staring our favorite actor Keanu Reaves (sarcasm), and this game is somewhat based off of the movie but it doesn’t follow it as closely as we have seen other movie to game interpretations. One thing Constantine does is draw you in at the beginning, with beautiful CG cut scenes which are for the most part very nicely created and like I already mentioned really draw you in. The actual story in the game is really kind of a joke, and requires you to have some knowledge of the movie to really understand what is going on. I guess the best way to describe Constantine’s story is to call in outline for the actual movie as it just touches the bases and doesn’t give much away.

So what type of game is Constantine you might ask? Well it is a third person shooter combined with some adventure elements to try and mix up the pace of the game. The game stays mostly to its shooting roots but the addition of the adventure elements is a nice idea. At first glance I really thought Constantine was a Max Payne clone or a game that was going to try and copy ideas from some of the great third person shooters, but the game does do some things on its own merits. The game takes place in both Earth and Hell, which does add to the variety in the game and of course like just mentioned the game mixes action with puzzles.

Besides the puzzles, this is one of those games where you are going through levels doing basically the same thing with different weapons. I think one of the game’s only saving graces is the variety and "cool effect" of the weapons, which are pretty neat. If there was one reason why I kept playing this game it was mostly due to the weapons (and the fact that I am reviewing it).

This is a very linear game that becomes really repetitive after a while and seems to get more and more uninspired the farther you get into the game. Besides the different enemies and weapons, the game doesn’t really have anything in it that is going to come out and grab you and make you say wow. It just hovers at the average mark the whole time and never makes its way away from that.


When I look back on the last few movies to game iterations I see a lot of really good looking games that seemed to capture the onscreen action onto the video game. So now we look at Constantine, can it make a great looking translation to the game world?

I must say I had the same issues with Constantine’s gameplay as with its visuals, as it really doesn’t aspire to be anything more then average and for that the game really suffers even more. The only real positive thing I can say about the visuals is Keanu Reaves character model, and even that isn’t all that great. Besides that the environments look uninspired and pretty lackluster.

Overall Constantine is one of those games that you could see it being so much better then what you get and for that all you can do is sit back and wish they had done better.

Fun Factor

Like I mentioned at the top of the review, the game opens up strong but unfortunately doesn’t hold that note for the entirety of the game. The farther you get into the game, the more you just sit back and see the wasted potential in the game has as you will keep doing the same thing over and over again. The one thing I did enjoy of Constantine was the weapons, which were amusing and, of course, a thrill to use at times. With that being said even though the game does have nice weapons, the gameplay is just average at best and doesn’t do much different from any other third person action game.


I really don’t know what there is left to be said about this game, but in summary, Constantine didn’t live up to its potential and ends up being pretty mediocre in every category. It’s not a bad game per se, but you get the sense that the developers are simply going through the motions and don’t didn’t bother to offer a refreshing take on the genre. If you’re one of the few who actually enjoyed the movie, this game would make a good rental. Otherwise you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

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