Crea is a side scrolling adventure game where the worlds come in three sizes and are randomly generated. Small worlds allow you to experience different landscapes quickly while larger ones take longer to explore. The character you create can be used in multiple worlds and retain their skills and inventory. You'll begin with a few basic tools to explore the world and defend yourself. A simple wooden club for fighting, a fire spell for a ranged attack, a tool for gathering ore and wood, and a healing spell.  The game's highest priority is gathering materials for better gear.

The first few items you'll want to craft are a few essentials. Torches help you explore in the darkness or help light your path. A research desk will help unlock crafting recipes for better tools, weapons, armor, and other useful items. There are several items that you place in the world, like furnaces, that are needed to craft certain objects. If you have played other games in the genre, Cera should feel very familiar and comfortable.

The keyboard controls are simple. A and D move you right and left respectively and the space bar let you jump. Double tapping a direction allows you to dash a short distance, even in the air. Clicking allows you to use whatever tool or spell you have assigned to right or left click. You can ether use the scroll wheel on your mouse to cycle through the items on your quick bar at the bottom of the screen or press the associated key. Pressing T brings up your talents where you can drag unlocked spells to a quick bar. You can assign to the left click as well as right. This allows you to equip your mining pick and fireball at the same time for example.

Using spells, fighting, gathering, and crafting award TP. TP is used for an experience system that opens upgrade options and new skills and perks. You can make your fireball stronger or get new spells, tools can be made more powerful to make mining easier. Perks such as these make for a very rewarding and fun system. For example, there's a chance that crafting will use less resources, boost defense or attack power, or make tools more effective. You can also unlock new spells this way. Attack spells have different elements such as ice that you can use to exploit enemy weaknesses.

The crafting system is fun and easy to use. Once you know a recipe, items can be made from a crafting menu. Sometimes you may need to be stand near the appropriate work station. I found the menus to be simple to understand and it wasn't long before I was wearing wooden armor created from the nearby trees. Fun as crafting can be, it is a lot more work in Crea. Every item you find needs to be researched. For example,  you must first research Copper Ore to make bronze ingots.  After that, you'll need to research the ingots a few times in order to learn everything they can be used in. With your inventory constantly full, it is best to craft some storage early on.

Exploring cave systems may reward you with additional materials to research and valuable ore. Outside of the caves there are trees to chop and animals and monsters to slay. Blue waypoint crystals let you to fast travel between them and can be renamed for convenience. Fast travel costs shards, but these can be found growing right next to each waypoint.

If you like crafting and exploring games, Crea is one you should definitely check out.