Cy Girls


Over the years gamers have seen more than their fair share of action titles, either in the shooter mold, or tactical-action subgenre. Konami is one of the most successful developers, cemented by the release of the masterpiece Metal Gear Solid series. Now they’re at it again, with an unusual idea for an action title. So, here’s our take on Cy Girls, which fails to do anything right at all.


Most of us would have no idea about Cy Girls. But if you happen to live in Japan, Cy Girls (translated into Cool Girls) is an action figure toy line, which is quite big in the land of the rising sun. After all, they have their own cartoon. Game spawned from an action figure line? That almost never happens, and by our assessment, for good reasons.

There are two different characters in which you can play through Cy Girls as. First you have the blonde (Ice), a hacker who likes carrying her fair share of weapons and explosive devices. Then you have the brunette (Aska) a much quieter ninja style girl who will use her bladed weapons to take out enemies. Each of these two characters has her own storyline, and along with that storyline each girl gets their own disc. Yes, you got that right, this is a two-disc game.

The game starts off basically how you would expect them to. The game is set in the not too distant future where the world just suffered some serious catastrophes and surprise, surprise, big corporations are now ruling the world. Ice’s story starts off with her being hired to go hack into a main corporation’s computer, and Aska is off on a mission to go avenge her father’s death. The two storylines are very simple, with nothing we haven’t seen or played through before.

Not only is Cy Girls split into two different characters there are also two different styles of gameplay in which you will be playing with. First off you have the action portions of the game which are average, at best, and then you have the puzzles which are just a disaster.

The combat of Cy Girls is not something that I or anyone will being raving over. In fact, you are going to be hearing a lot of negatives. As you play through the game as Ice, the targeting system is simplistic and doesn’t require much skill at all. As you make your way through the rooms, more and more enemies will spawn up and attack you. None of these enemies are overly difficult and very few of them actually pose much of a threat at all. One annoying tid-bit about the enemies as well is that if you leave a room for a few seconds then the computer spawns back up and you are forced to once again dispose of them.

Instead of making the enemies much more difficult, Konami decided that making a larger quantity of enemies would do the trick. Well, instead of making the game more difficult, it actually made the game a heck of a lot more boring. The game just seems to think that the more enemies the better but in fact it’s the complete opposite.

The gameplay is just so uneventful and so plain that it’s really hard to want to play this game for much longer then you have to. While I feel as though Ice’s character was more enjoyable to play through as, both characters really don’t have anything exciting or engaging about them. The game has you running through the same sort of environments over and over again until you really just can’t take it anymore.

Usually puzzles in action games are a nice breath of fresh air to give you a little time away from the action, but in Cy Girls it just makes matters worse. The puzzles are uninspired and quite mind-numbingly idiotic, to the point where you just wonder why Konami even bothered putting them in there.

Overall the gameplay is just not up to par in anyway shape or form with its peers on the market. The action portions of the game are way too simplistic and fail to have anything new or be innovative in any way. The puzzles are totally unimaginative and fail to help the game at all.


Graphically the game fairs better then it did in the gameplay department, but not by a great deal. Everything in Cy Girls takes on a simplistic feel and in truth really stays with that look throughout the game.

The character models have their moments, but for the most part they have an average amount of detail, and a pretty average appearance to them. The environments of the game are also quite average and really don’t fair much different from the character models.

Overall the graphics of Cy Girls are about average in graphics department but there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Fun Factor

Cy Girls is one of those games, that you really just get bored with right from the get go. The gameplay feels much uninspired with a rushed sort of feel to it. As I played through the game I felt the action start to really deteriorate and as I have mentioned before the game begins to get a heavy dose of repetitiveness and this is just where the game ends up totally crumbling.


Cy Girls is a game that had some potential but failed to really take advantage of any of it, but instead let it all go to waste. The gameplay execution was poor to say the least, and the graphics were about average. Unless you are a huge fan of the Japanese Toys, you can probably leave Cy Girls alone, and look elsewhere.

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