Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2


The whole music genre in general has been one of the most off and on genres (in my opinion) in the market. It’s like one part of the year there are four or five music games, and just one or two the rest of the year. With that being said, the whole music genre was for ever changed when Konami’s very own music/dancing sensation made it out into the public, its called Dance Dance Revolution. And guess what, another one of these games is out for the PS2 in DDR Extreme 2. So is this game even more extreme then before? Read our full review to find out!


For those who have been living in a cave for the past five years or so, there is a dancing game called Dance Dance Revolution, which has been the first video even to really inspire gamers to get up and exercise without even letting them know they are do so. Basically the game works like this - you have a dance pad and basically you need to follow the motions on screen with quite a bit of accuracy. The series has been on the Playstation 2 for a while now, each time adding some new features to try and intrigue DDR fans to come back for more. So what does DDR Extreme 2 have up its sleeves this year?

The core of DDR Extreme 2 is still very much similar to the first ever DDR game ever to come out onto the market. This time around the music is much more "pop" style however then I think it ever has been. So if you’re into the whole pop music, then this game will be even more enjoyable for you. You start off the game with around twenty songs and you can work your way up to over fifty, which brings plenty of music to dance to. One of the great things though about this game is that although the majority of the game is "pop" music there is still a good variety of other styles as well. Where is the polka?

The modes from previous games are back, including the Workout mode, which is of course one of the favorites for gamers on a diet. This of course tracks your calories and makes sure you stick to a good routine to help and lose weight. The Dance Master mode is the meat and potatoes of the game, where you will need to complete objectives and such to continue through the game. This of course the mode where you get to unlock all of your music, which is one of the big draws of the mode. One thing I did notice though was that the game did not really do all that much in terms of making this mode any different from before.

The game does include, for the first time, an online mode, which allows you to play head to head over the Internet. There is one issue with this, and that is the fact that the game works best when you can see the person you’re dancing against. This is where the majority of the competition and drive comes from, making this online mode rather basic. You cannot see your opponent nor is there really any easy communication, so the mode itself is kind of wasted, as it doesn’t have the sense of competition like DDR is supposed to have.

Overall DDR Extreme 2 has enough gameplay to still be a good game, but for the most part, there is really nothing new in the gameplay. Although the idea of having online play was a great one, the execution was not as impressive. The overall feel of DDR Extreme 2 was good but just don’t expect anything above the ordinary DDR experience.


The visual style of DDR Extreme 2 is probably the most noticeable difference in the game. It is here you will find that the developers spent a lot of time building new avatars and dancers, making this game extremely colorful. The visual style is just really and colorful experience that of course does not have a whole lot of variety (none of the games have), but it does well enough for a DDR/Music game that it still was impressive. I still want more variety from these games, as in my opinion it still feels as though the developer of DDR tries to get away with just doing what they have to with these games.

Fun Factor

DDR Extreme 2 is a game that of course a very good solid experience that to be honest feels not all that different from any of the previous DDR games that have been released in recent years. Sure the game has quite a few modes and plenty of songs to choose from, but the overall experience still does not feel like a revolutionary game. I would hope that this game would have more new modes and maybe even try to make some sort of story or something to make there main mode more intriguing. With that being said DDR Extreme 2 is solid and fun for anyone who is a fan of DDR.


Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 is just another solid title to add to the list of DDR games. This game however is really one that I would only recommend to the hardcore fans of the series who want new songs to get there groove on with. DDR Extreme 2 is a good game, but not good enough to really deserve a new purchase for anyone who already has one of the recent DDR games.

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