Who doesn't like being creeped out by scary, ominous music and environments? I usually do, but this game was able to scare me when not looking in the right direction. I’m usually brave and can take the horror genre, but I found myself over-analyzing every move I made in Daylight. Each turn I took only made me shudder and hope I wouldn't meet one of the spirits face to face. Unfortunately, I met them just around the corner and they weren't too happy to see me, my glowsticks or flares.

Created by Zombie Studios, Daylight begins with you controlling Sarah as she slowly regains consciousness in an abandoned hospital with no recollection of getting there. She suddenly hears a spooky, authoritative voice that guides her throughout the hospital maze as she attempts to find a way to escape. There are a few things the game lets you carry: a cell phone (with the hospital map), glowsticks and flares. By the small light of the phone, you'll step into the past and connect with the eerie surroundings through remnants found via the luminescence of a glowstick.

These remnants are photos and memos left behind by those who previously walked through the halls. They partially the events that occurred in the hospital and give you a short peek into the past. This may be cool for the time being, but the remnants create markings on Sarah’s arm as they are collected. These markings not only alert you to other messages, they alert the scary, spooky shadowpeople that haunt the building.

I hated that there was a maximum of four glowsticks and flares that can be carried in your inventory at any given time. I felt that there was a need for more, not only because I was freaked out and scared, but because you can never have too many. The flares protect you from the shadow people, so I advise grabbing as many as you can. I misused the flares I was able to find and only realized my error when it was too late to protect myself. The maze-like hallways seemed to get visually disorienting and the phone swaying only added to the slight motion sickness I experienced. The particular movement of the camera caused me to pause the game more often. I wasn't only creeped out, but I generally felt lightheaded from the subtle movements which only intensified my paranoia of being surrounded by shadows.

Don’t take too much time to get reoriented as being indecisive only ends with you dying, as I found out quickly. It’s not the ordinary cutscene of your character being chomped to bits in front of your eyes and a “You are Dead” message like Resident Evil. In my case, one of the spirits gets restless enough to scare the crap out of me when I decided to drag my feet and double back after turning the wrong way. This scary act alone can cause you to scream, drop the controller and swear off scary videogames for life. However, in my case, I just screamed, dropped the controller and sat there thinking I should have been more resourceful in picking up flares. I suggest you be as active as you can be and follow the remnants to help Sarah escape before the spirits end up scaring the crap out of you.

Overall, I enjoyed getting scared by horrible, scary-looking spirits. My previous statement of screaming and dropping the controller could be seen as contrary to that, but I thoroughly enjoyed being genuinely scared. If this ever happened, I would only hope that my cell phone is that reliable during that kind of situation. Actually, I would hope it would be that reliable in any situation.