DDRMAX2: Dance Dance Revolution


Whenever you go into your local arcade I am sure one of the main attractions is Dance Dance Revolution. Konami has shown that they can make both great action titles (Metal Gear Solid series) along with great music titles (Dance Dance Revolution). Now Konami has come out with their latest edition of the Dance Dance series, and it’s DDRMAX2 a pretty solid music title for your PS2.


Have you ever walked by at the arcade and seen someone just totally busting loose on the DDR game, and just wishing you could do that. Well I am sure many of you are thinking why I would want to get up in front of people and make a fool out of myself playing this game. Well now you can do it at the comfort of your own living room, and while it’s still not the same feeling as it is in the arcade, it’s the next best thing.

Before I get any further into the review, I will just simply state that before this game I had never really got into the DDR craze. I am white, and I can’t dance, so I never thought I would ever find the craze that surrounds the series. But that was then, and after all of the hours playing DDRMAX2 I have come to thoroughly enjoy the series and found what everyone else has already found in the series.

One of the big points Konami was trying to sell with DDRMAX2 was the addition of many game modes, new features, and updates to last year’s edition of the game. What would a music game be without some good new music, and that’s where Konami put a great deal of effort towards in this latest edition. Some of the new songs added to the song track include Busy Child (The Crystal Method), Little Bit Of Ecstasy (Jocelyn Enriquez), and Get Down Tonight (K.C. & The Sunshine Band). One of the most impressive part of DDRMAX2 is the soundtrack, which is really quite awesome and will keep you doing your "thing" for quite some time.

In DDRMAX2 you are given plenty of different game modes in which to choose from. These include; Game Mode, Workout Mode, Lesson Mode, Training Mode, and Endless Mode. All have slight variations from each other but all have the fast pace and music of the DDR series. The "Game Mode" is basically just the main mode of DDRMAX2, and is just basically the same game you see in the arcades.

The Workout Mode is pretty self-explanatory - it is the mode where you try and get a workout playing the game. For the most part this mode does a good job of not only working you out, but also keeping things fun while doing so. It lets you know all the key factors of what you’re accomplishing while working out and keeps track of it.

The one mode that I really enjoyed and is really quite difficult that has to be unlocked is the Endless mode. It’s quite entertaining, dancing continuously to every song on the game. For the most part all of the modes are about the same, like I mentioned, with a few slight variations, which helps keeps things interesting throughout the game.

For the most part the game plays exactly like you would expect it to, not that it’s a bad thing but I would have loved Konami to go out on a limb and try some "bigger" variations with the game. With that being said, get a group of friends together, and you can truly see the amount of fun you can have playing the game.


Graphically DDRMAX2 is no masterpiece and in fact I really think Konami could have put a lot more work into the graphics of the game. We all know that the visuals aren’t overly important with a game such as this, but it would have been nice to have seen some more effort put towards the graphics of the game.

For the most part you will be viewing some music videos and interesting visual representations of the music on the screen. For the most part the graphics fail to do much better then in the previous version, but they do get the job done. Luckily for us we probably won’t be looking at the screen much and won’t have to worry about looking at the "lack" of visuals.

Fun Factor

I think DDRMAX2 biggest selling point would have to be its Fun Factor. Whether alone or with a group of friends, there is nothing greater then making a fool out of yourself playing a game of DDR. You have plenty of different modes to choose from in the game, as well as a nice long soundtrack so you won’t have to hear the same music over and over again. If you find dancing to be fun, then you are going to find DDRMAX2 to be a blast.


If you already have a pad or even if you are just starting to look into the DDR series, this is a game that will most likely be worth your hard earned money. Konami has a pad bundled with the game, so you can look forward to several hours of dancing fun. My one complaint is that I wish they had done some new things with the game, but even though they didn’t, Konami came out with a solid title that is sure worth the purchase if you’re into this kind of game.

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