Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


So many games come out and never really get any recognition. Deathrow is really one of those games that could be the best game no one has heard about this year. It combines several sports to create a really tough non-stop action game.


At first look I felt Deathrow appeared as a combination of soccer, rugby, and basketball. There are only a few basic guidelines to the game that the game is played by. There are four players per team. The object of "Blitz" (Blitz is what the game is actually called) is to throw a disc through a hoop about eight feet off the ground. There are four quarters where you can substitute players in and out. The one catch to the game is it has really no limits. You can really just go out there and take out your opponents. Although if your whole team is knocked out you will be disqualified and lose the match.

This may sound a bit confusing but there is a training mode where you will play against a team of bots to help you learn the ways of the game, and once you figure out how the game works you are left to play the gruesome but exciting game of Blitz.

Before you even get into the game you will actually be given the option to choose from two different camera angels. The two options include a sports and action view, each view really has its good and bad. The sports view is more like a spectators view. You are given a farther away view where you can really see what is going all around the arena, but it also seems to take away some of the fun that the action view has. The action view is more of an in your face approach where you are very close to the action, although there will be some times where the camera angle will act up. I personally liked the Action View although it really takes a little longer to get used to; it really makes you feel like you are part of the action.

So you have chosen your camera view you would like to play with, now it is time to start playing Blitz! There are a few game modes to choose from including, Single Game, Conquest, and Multiplayer. The Conquest mode is really where the heart of the game is.

You start in the conquest mode in the rookie league with a rather pathetic team that it becomes your job to take them from the bottom and make them good. You will be able to challenge teams in the division to move up and also earn credits that you can use to upgrade your players. To put it plain and simply the conquest mode is just plain addictive.

So we got the game modes, and guess what - Deathrow also comes complete with excellent gameplay! The game’s controls are a little bit tricky at first but it shouldn’t take you too long to learn it all. Once you do get the controls down you will find the game to be quite enjoyable.

If you had heard anything about Deathrow, it was probably about the beat ’em up elements of the gameplay. Which is very true a lot of times through the game, where you will be tearing your opponents up but there is actually a lot of strategy involved. To score points it will take some nice maneuvering and passing to get one passed the goalkeeper.

What really gives Deathrow a lot of replay value is the multiplayer modes. Although I feel that Deathrow could have been the best game to go online there is no Xbox Live support, but there is the ability to do a system link game, which I did and I had a lot of fun with it. It is one of those games that really gets competitive and is a lot of fun to play with a group of friends.

Deathrow is rated "M" for mature, and for good reasons. Not only is the game look violent but the players are very fond of dropping quite a few "F" bombs frequently throughout the game. The cursing can be heard all the way throughout the game quite frequently. For those of you who are into listening to potty mouths the game can also be heard in 5.1 surround sound, so even your neighbors can hear the players swearing.

Besides the constant swearing through the game the sound effects are just stunning. Never has the sound of cracking bones sound so real. So for those of you with the 5.1 surround sound be prepared because this is definitely a game that fully uses your speakers.


Deathrow is not one of those games that at first look is not going to look spectacular, but it is a game that will definitely show a steady look of above average looking graphics. The game really has just a lot of good and nothing really overly bad. The character models look very good, they are all very detailed and look superb. If a player is hurt their mobility would be slightly affected, but their facial expression will definitely be one of pure pain.

There are a total of 32 arenas and each one has its own unique look to them, and some of them are just fun looking arenas. Each arena is designed differently, which helps keep you interested in the game. So for the most part there really is no complaint on my part on the game’s graphics, which were for the most part well done.

Fun Factor

Deathrow is definitely one of those games you will grow into. At first I really despised the game, and I really wasn’t finding anything fun about it. When I came back for my second go at the game I found that once you give it some time the game is just a whole lot of fun. The conquest mode can be played over and over again, and the multiplayer mode just couldn’t be any more amusing.


Parents beware this is definitely not the type of game you want to buy your ten your old child for the holidays. This is more of an adult only game that I would only recommend to the mature folks. For those of you who are mature enough to handle the game then this should definitely be on the top of your holiday wish list.

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