Def Jam: Fight for NY


Fighting games in general seem to always be in high demand for all three major consoles, as it has always been an extremely popular genre. Fighters are not only fun to play by yourself, but even more fun when played with a group of friends. Well now EA takes their ever popular Def Jam: Vendetta game and decided to make a sequel for it in Def Jam: Fight for NY for the Xbox? Does this game keep up the Def Jam name? Read our extensive review to find out!


On paper if you ask me the whole idea of the Def Jam series just sounds like more of a gimmick then an actual fighting game with depth. But last year when EA released Def Jam: Vendetta, most of the gaming world, myself included, was amazed with how solid it really ended up being. Combining some of the biggest names in the Hip-Hop world along with a group of standard characters, the game just provided a really fun enjoyable experience. So will Def Jam: Fight for NY get the sophomore jinx or is this a game for the ages?

One thing that most people will notice right away about Def Jam: Fight for NY is the mature rating slapped on the cover, which will become quite obvious right after starting up your first match. The game went from trying to involve all age groups in the first one is now really aiming for the older audience, with the heavy amount of violence that is being portrayed in Def Jam: Fight for NY. To put it quite bluntly the violence in Def Jam: Fight for NY is at a very high setting, giving any fans of bone crunching maneuvers a great game.

Last year’s version of the series was at its core solely a wrestling title, this year it kind of mixes the wrestling genre with some other fighting styles. Def Jam: Fight for NY has a total of five different fighting styles to choose from, which include Street Fighting, Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Wrestling, and Submission. What’s really neat about Def Jam: Fight for NY is that no two characters fight alike, which makes for a much more diverged round of fighting.

The best part of last year’s game was the story mode, and this year is no different, as they just do a great job of improving upon an already great idea. This is by far the best story mode ever created for a wrestling game. Why the WWE games can’t follow suit and create a game with a solid story mode like this is beyond me, but we will save that for another day. To speak of this game, is just to say that this is a very interesting, and deep storyline that will keep any gamer very interested. The story mode also provides some great upgrade opportunities whether you want to work on your fighters appearance or their move sets, the options are all available to you. I must commend EA for giving us plenty of different clothing options in this version of Def Jam: Fight for NY with plenty to choose from.

Like I mentioned above, this is a game that defiantly earns its "mature" rating with horrible language and of course the already mentioned brutal Gameplay. On the topic of the games fight mechanics, the game has taken the same fighting system as last year but has tweaked it a bit to make for an even more pleasurable experience. The game has been sped up quite a bit to keep the action flowing and the adrenaline pumping. With all of the different variety in the game you will find that you get even more value out of the game as it is always a fun experience playing with the different characters in the game. But also similar to last year the game at times does start to feel a little bit like a button masher and the combat does seem to get a little repetitive after a bit of time.

Overall though Def Jam: Fight for NY is an excellent fighting game, with the best story mode I have ever experienced in a fighting game. Although the game may get repetitive at times, the story mode really in my eyes tops it all off giving wrestling fans in my eyes the ultimate wrestling experience.


EA did quite well last year when they created Def Jam: Vendetta, which I thought was a pretty solid looking game. The character models had their cartoonish side, but really did an excellent job of portraying a very nice look throughout. So does Def Jam: Fight for NY improve upon this, or are we going to see the game take a turn in the wrong direction?

Def Jam: Fight for NY is actually at its core a beautiful looking game, especially with all of the great lighting affects that are very nicely used in the games environments. The character models this year have been tuned up with even more detail to speak of, keeping the same sort of cartoonish with the hint of realism style graphics. The environments in Def Jam: Fight for NY are also quite nicely detailed with a great amount of life and color. The only downside to speak of in the visual department is the camera angle, which can be frustrating at times. The game does have some poor spots where the camera works against you, sunch as in the crowd and/or a tight spot, causing you not to be able to see your fighter.

Overall Def Jam: Fight for NY is a game that takes a great visuals system and improves in almost every aspect of the game. Unfortunately the game doesn’t take full advantage as it still offers some unfortunate camera problems.

Fun Factor

Def Jam: Fight for NY is a game that provides some of the most enjoyable experiences in a fighting game I have had on any of the consoles. The Xbox version of this game really plays quite nicely and works quite well with the Xbox controller. Playing this game with a group of friends is also an extremely enjoyable experience, which will make for a great single and multiplayer experience. If you found Def Jam: Vendetta enjoyable, be prepared because this one is even better!


Def Jam: Fight for NY is just an extremely impressive game. Although the game does have camera issues, luckily it does not detract from the gameplay. With a great story mode and a solid multiplayer experience, the only thing I would hope for from a sequel is online play. Any fan of wrestling or fighting games, or the original, should go out and buy this game now, as it really is a very solid fighting experience.

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