Delta Force: Black Hawk Down


If you are anything like me, you will have been thinking right about now about how many squad-based shooters are on the market, and how hard it is to decide which ones to go with. Well today we got the chance to check out a squad-based shooter that was released back on the PC a few years ago, and now has been ported to the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. Delta Force: Black Hawk Down has really had no hype throughout its development process, and really hit store shelves with very few people even noticing. So could Delta Force: Black Hawk Down possible be the sleeper hit of 2005? Read my full review to find out!


I actually did play the original Delta Force: Black Hawk Down when it was released for the PC a few years back, and to me this was a game full of potential that did rather well in its original outing but could not compare to a lot of the other squad-based shooters that were already on the market. With that being said, I must say that I personally was looking forward to this very game to be released because I felt that if the developers improved upon the system they already had in place, then this quite possibly could have turned out into a great game. So did they manage to make this game great?

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down consists of both a rather deep single and multiplayer system. To start this review, we are going to discuss the single player mode, which consists of sixteen missions that range from standard squad-based missions on-foot to vehicles such as the trusted humvee. The whole premise of the game isn’t all that well done, as of course they are trying to recapture what happened in the early 1990’s in Africa. I thought the developers should have more storyline as this would have helped the game progress more. With that being said, the game never really gets you very interested in the story so that in turn really does hurt the game’s single player experience.

Besides the weak story, I was satisfied with the developers attempt to mix up the action in the game, as you are going to have several different types of missions to complete. However, the actual action that takes place during these missions isn’t as impressive as I had hoped. The action in the game seems to be somewhat tedious at times, for two reasons. First off, the computer AI in the game is rather pathetic, as they seem to a lot of the times just stand there and waiting to be shot. The developers try to cover this flaw up by using a large number of enemies, but not even this works. The second major issue with the single player mode is that it just doesn’t do anything overly entertaining. The gameplay just never manages to get its feet off the ground in the fact that it just never has many twists and turns and stays on the same bland line of gameplay throughout the entire campaign.

Well, when you are done going through the single player mode, NovaLogic has also incorporated a pretty deep multiplayer experience on Xbox Live that offers up to "50" players online in a match. The game has a few different maps and modes to choose from, but it seems to me that the developers went for quantity over quality. I say this because the gameplay online just doesn’t seem to have a whole lot to it in terms of things to do. One of the odd functions of this game are its vehicles, which sounded like a great idea but ended being a bloody disaster. The vehicles just circle a path and cannot be controlled or destroyed so its like just riding a ride that goes around and around.

Overall the whole Delta Force: Black Hawk Down experience just seemed very disappointing in my eyes. The action in the game really just seemed as though they decided to stick with what they had in the previous game and just make some slight tweaks and this ended up making this game feel dated and just in the overall sense not all that entertaining.


With the gameplay feeling dated, did NovaLogic find a way to make the visuals look any better? Well, after playing this game for quite a number of hours, I have to say that what the developers ended up achieving in this game was very disappointing to say the least. Black Hawk Down was a great game to look at it when it was first released a few years back, but now the visuals really haven’t been improved all of that much, making it very disappointing to say the least.

So what really is wrong with the visuals? Well first and foremost, the amount of detail in this game is very disappointing. The character models look extremely bland and the environments are really missing any sort of originality. I would have liked it had the developers spent more time really beefing the visuals up, but alas we are left with a below average looking game.

Fun Factor

Although this game is not one of the more intelligent shooters out there, there are still some sequences in the game that are really enjoyable. With that being said this game also has a lot of downsides that keep it from being as fun as the potential of this game could have let it be. This game has a great premise in the plot and although it wasn’t used to its full potential you could see that this game truly had a lot more to offer then what was shown in the game. The overall fun value of this game, although not a great playing game, still made for a somewhat entertaining experience.


I have to admit that I was very disappointed with the final results of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. Going into this review I thought it had the potential to be a sleeper hit but was left with a game that never really discovered itself. Unless you are really desperate for a new squad based shooter, you are better off either using this as a rental pick or nothing at all.

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