Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry


2 millennia ago a demon named Sparda turned against his master the Devil. Sparda defeated the Devil for the sake of all mankind. But 2000 years later Sparda’s son Dante who wishes to kill all demons for the murder of his mother and sister is now chosen to do what his father did 2000 years ago - defeat the Devil.

Well that’s the basic plot of the story. The game begins with Dante hanging out in his office when suddenly a crazed-psycho woman bursts in riding a bike then stabs him straight through the belly. But Dante just pulls the blade out and begins to go postal on the woman, now known as Trish. She reveals she needs Dante’s help and that he must come with her to a castle. Dante agrees and here is where things pick up.

For the most part Devil May Cry’s storyline reminds me of a movie Joel Schmumacher might have directed back in the 80’s. There are some twists and turns, and the story is quite enjoyable. If you wondering why I’m not giving more detail, well that’s because if I told you anymore I’d be giving away the ending.


The greatest thing about this game is its control scheme, which is head over heals better than Resident Evil and somewhat better than Ominusha: Warlords. The game plays almost like an old Caslevania game. You have 2 types of weapons, either hand combat such as swords or special gloves, or machinery such as rocket launchers. The game offers tons of exploration and puzzle solving. Your main objective if you want to become stronger, is collect as many orbs has possible. The more orbs you have, the more moves and special attacks you can purchase. but you can only use selected moves with selected weapons, which means a lot of switching. The game does get a little tiresome at the end but not by much. Seeing as the games can be beat in less than 10 hours, this is easily Devil May Cry’s strongest point.


Graphically this game is stunning! The detail of Dante’s sword is fantastic - you can actually see the carvings and designs in the blade while playing. Dante also moves and feels more human than any other character in any other video game, except for Metal Gear Solid 2 demo, which is saying a lot. The game also features some of the best environments I’ve seen, like the spiral staircase in the main hall. Something about it is just really eerie. Also the game features some of the most coolest lamps and windows I’ve ever seen in a game. The frame rate is on the spot, the animation moves like a cat - quick and graceful, except for a few bad angles. This game is almost perfect.

The sound is a mixed bag really. While some might appreciate the 80’s heavy metal guitar riffs that accompany battles, for the most part all you hear are silence and the sound of your own footsteps. Kinda reminds me of Silent Hill 2, where the developers give emphasis on the ambiance to built up the atmosphere. The voice overs are quite professionally done, apart from some over-the-top performances.

Fun Factor

Well this game is more fun than a package of raw bacon. Seriously. If this game wasn’t fun than no one would have ever heard of it. Devil May Cry strikes a perfect balance between the player’s need to inflict pain on demons and other abominations, and puzzle solving and exploration. With its huge selection of secret missions you sure to get a lot of replay value out of it.


Overall Devil May Cry will go down as a great game in a great month for games. Believe me Devil May Cry is a breath of fresh air in the increasingly stale survival/horror genre. With improved graphics, a cool storyline and the best gameplay ever to be featured in a survival/horror game, Devil May Cry is well worth the purchase. A short game that’s perfect for you while waiting for this year’s masterpiece, Metal Gear Solid 2. If you’re tired of the unflexible controls in the Resident Evil series, by all means buy this game. Highly recommended.