Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes

It was only a year ago we saw the release of Disney Infinity, the first true competitor to the wildly successful Skylanders franchise from Activision. The idea is simple. Take little toys that house an NFC chip, and have them come to life in your game. A simple concept that proved successful in both the Skylanders franchise and Disney Infinity. Now in its second release, does Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes have enough to make it worth the upgrade?

The Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack comes with three of Marvel’s Avengers characters (Iron Man, Thor, and Black Widow). With those characters (additional heroes sold separately) you can jump into the game's story mode where Loki who has frozen Manhattan. As one of the Avengers, it is your job to stop his evil plans. You will take part in a pretty straightforward beat-em’ up style game. You go from area to area taking out a number of frost giants before moving onto the next combat zone. The mechanics are straightforward, which makes this game easily accessible for all ages. There are some interesting RPG-light elements that allow you to upgrade your characters and increase their move set. It’s a nice touch, but a shame there really isn’t a need to do so beyond the character's standard attacks.

Once you clear a stage the game leads into an open world that lets you do as you please. On one hand, having the ability to fly all over Manhattan as Iron Man is a joy. However the world is completely empty and devoid of any Marvel magic. The game gives you almost nothing to do in the open world besides go onto the next story mission. After the initial "wow" factor of flying as Iron Man through Manhattan, the story mode quickly shows its shortcomings. The beat-em' up style gameplay becomes tired, even with new upgradeable attacks, there is little reason to need or care about beefing up characters. I often forgot I could even upgrade my character and just pushed forward.

Targeting a younger demographic is no excuse for a rather disappointing story mode. It’s absolutely serviceable but it’s a shame they didn’t take advantage more of the source material. It is also unfortunately vanilla, and even if you like vanilla this might be too much to enjoy.

Similar to the first game in the series, the real bread and butter of Disney Infinity 2.0 is the Toy Box mode. It would be impossible to cover everything that you can do, but needless to say the game gives you a blank canvas. The game does a great job of giving you an absolute ton of templates to let you go crazy with whatever you want to create your world with. Whether you want to create worlds to fly around in or one that lets you take out more bad guys, the options are there. It’s a ton of fun to drop different Marvel characters into your created world and let them explore your creation.

The Toy Box mode absolutely makes up for a lot of the games shortcomings in the story mode. Where the world of Manhattan is pretty sparse, you have the ability to create worlds that are far more interesting and fun to experience. To me that is really the magic that is Disney Infinity 2.0. It’s not a great all-around experience but it gives you the tools to make some memorable moments.

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