Doom 3

Doom 3


One of the biggest PC releases of 2004 was Doom 3, which among other things really pushed up the bar for the PC world as a whole. Not only was the graphics revolutionary, but also the gameplay wasn’t too shabby either, giving gamers a pretty intense dark adventure that brought back plenty of great Doom memories. Already over six months later we find the Xbox port has arrived, but can it even come close to recapturing the same glory as the PC version? Read my full review to find out now!


For those of you who fell out of the loop and are wondering what Doom 3 is and why so many people are talking about this game, I’m here to fill you in. id Software the developers for Doom 3 were really the fathers of the FPS genre, and have been competing in the market ever since. Doom 3 is part of the Doom series, which by far is one of the most popular and best-made series out there. Does this all translate into a great FPS experience?

The story behind Doom 3 is one of those that draw you in at the beginning and past that really doesn’t do much else from there. You play as a no name Marine who is called up to Mars to the research facility where some "weird" things are happening. Once you get there all hell breaks loose and it’s your job to take out all of these nasty baddies. To be honest, the opening cinematic really got me excited about the game’s storyline, but from there it was all-downhill as the story gets plain and to be honest pretty boring.

So once you get past the starting cinematic, you are thrown into what I would actually consider a pretty standard first person shooter. Doom 3 is a game that has you go through corridor after corridor taking out evil monsters that actually have quite a bit of variety. And for those of you who have played previous Doom titles you will most likely recognize some of these bad guys who seem to be pretty well created. The enemies in the game really don’t contain all of that much difficulty, as they seem to come in the same sort of patterns over and over again.

One thing you will notice about Doom 3 is that the game really never has any change of pace. Instead of making the enemies more skilled, the game just chooses to throw more and more of the bad guys at you, which kind of makes the game feel a little "shallow". With that being said, the game has a very unique and interesting feel to it that really just feels like Doom, which is a great thing. I must commend the developers for really making this game very true to the series and for people who have played the series before you will feel right at home with this game.

One of the big additions to the Doom 3 game for the Xbox is the co-op mode, which really brings a lot more life to the game. The campaign mode played by yourself is ok, but played with a friend it makes the game a lot better. One of the better qualities of the game is that the story actually makes for the two players and really is a great thing. This is by far the best quality of Doom 3.

The biggest downside to Doom 3 would have to be the multiplayer support which to be honest is just plain sad. The game really doesn’t offer up anything new in terms of multiplayer support and the stuff it does have is really just quite plain. The multiplayer shows quite boldly some of the design flaws the game has, as well as how the gameplay can feel dated at times.

Overall Doom 3 is still a solid game because of what it is able to do with the co-op. If you have a friend to play the game with you can see the true potential of what this game is all about. Also the campaign in the game when played by you, although not perfect, still brings forth a rather impressive Doom experience.


One of the biggest questions I think we all had about Doom 3 are could the graphics of the game possibly recreate what we saw on the PC? The answer to the question is a resounding yes.

I can easily say that Doom 3 is one of the best-looking Xbox games yet. Why you might ask? First off the lighting effects in the game are just quite simply amazing, which really show how maybe the Xbox is not ready for a successor. With that being said the character models are heavily detailed and I think the game really did a great job recreating the monsters in the game. I wish I could better describe how great this game looks but to be honest this is one of those games you have to see for yourself to see how great it really looks.

Fun Factor

The thing about Doom 3 is that the game has so much hype that I think it really is a better game then it leads off. The reason for this is because the game uses an old style of FPS that we really don’t see much of anymore. You run into rooms take out a bunch of guys and then you’re onto the next room. This can get tedious playing by yourself, but when playing in co-op this game really shines and is actually quite a bit of fun to play. I just wish the developers had spent more time trying to do more with the multiplayer.


Is Doom 3 worth the purchase? Well my answer to that is yes; if you are a fan of the series and do not already own the PC version. The game holds the same beautiful graphics and has the Doom style down to a science. I enjoyed playing Doom 3 especially in co-op and if you were in the market for a FPS I would say this game would make for a good purchase.

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