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DOOM 3: Resurrection Of Evil

Reviews, XboxJoel SzerlipDoom, FPS
DOOM 3: Resurrection Of Evil


I don’t know about you, but when I was sitting back thinking about developing good games, I kind of realized that making a stellar sequel/expansion could be just as hard, if not harder, then making a great game. My reasoning behind this is because you’re basically just making more levels and maybe some different abilities, and then hoping that these additions amount to twenty or thirty dollars worth of gameplay. With that being said, we are now going to take a look at the sequel to Doom 3, in Doom 3, Resurrection of Evil. Does this game take the Doom 3 game to a whole new level on the Xbox? Read my full review to find out!


In Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, you will find that it all takes place a few years following the conclusion of Doom 3. It is here you will find that station in Mars has been rebuilt, but once again the gates of hell gets opened, and you are once again the only marine left standing. The story of Resurrection of Evil is very similar to Doom 3, and if you enjoyed the original story then I am sure you will find yourself enjoying this game’s story as well.

Now this artifact is actually a big part of Resurrection of Evil, as it is with you throughout the game and allows for most of the new abilities in the game. Basically as you walk through the levels and when you see human bodies lying around, you will want to use the artifact to suck the souls out and therefore once charged becomes a new weapon. The artifact at first gives you the ability to slow down time, giving you your own Doom-style bullet time, and this actually evolves as you go through the games single player.

The other big weapon upgrade will be extremely familiar to those who have played the game Half Life 2. The new weapon is very similar to the Half-Life 2’s gravity gun, which is used in the same way here. This new weapon is my favorite, as it allows you to really lift up most objects and just fling them around, which is always fun no matter what sort of environment you are in. The new weapon works well here, and I must say this was a very smart addition to the game.

If you enjoyed the single player of Doom 3, then you will continue to enjoy the adventure of Resurrection of Evil. The single player continues at the same exact pace as Doom 3, with some of these minor weapon upgrades and a little bit less claustrophobic environments. I must say that I was impressed with the single player, and although it wasn’t revolutionary, was entertaining nonetheless.

The biggest downside to Resurrection of Evil is the multiplayer, which was weak in the original, and doesn’t get any better in this game. I figured the developers would have put some sincere effort into the multiplayer, as this was the big issue with the original game. Not only does the multiplayer get rid of co-op, but it doesn’t add any new modes and still limits you to four players online. The whole multiplayer experience is a total missed opportunity that could have been a strong factor to this games success, if given the proper attention.


The visual quality of Resurrection of Evil is actually quite high, giving the same great look on the Xbox that we saw back with Doom 3. The environments, like I mentioned earlier, are not as cramped as they were in the original game, and this is a good thing. The game continues to use the very dark setting, and thus the lighting effects still stand out as being some of the best the Xbox has seen.

The character and demon models are still fantastic, offering a great deal of detail and plenty of variety throughout the game. I must say I was impressed with how well the game has preformed throughout, with no real frame rate issues to speak of. If you thought the visuals of Doom 3 were great for the Xbox, Resurrection of Evil continues this tradition.

Fun Factor

One of the big downsides to the Doom 3 game was the fact that it was a bit too linear for many FPS fans who have been used to a more open ended feel. But in my opinion that is what the Doom series is all about, and that was not the huge issue for me, which made me enjoy Doom 3 probably more then the average gamer. However in Resurrection of Evil I was really hoping to see more then just bullet time and some new weapons. The single player mode to me was still fun, but the multiplayer did not add anything new and this was a huge issue in my mind as this is where the developers really should have worked hard to improve.


I have to say that I was looking forward to playing Resurrection of Evil as this looked like it might improve a lot of the issues people have had with Doom 3. However in the end, Resurrection of Evil is more of the same so to me it will only really appeal to the fans of the original game. If you’re expecting a new Doom experience in this game, you will be very disappointed, as it’s pretty much the same, save for the additions mentioned earlier. but for those that enjoyed Doom 3 and want more of the same, then Resurrection of Evil is a great pick for you. It features the same stellar gameplay and single player experience, but again just don’t expect much on Xbox Live.

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