Dynasty Warriors 2


Well the story of DW2 is interesting to say the least. I’ve beat the game using almost every character and still can’t understand it. As for as I know, there’s some bad guys and some good guys but who’s who is hard to follow in certain battles. Some characters are good guys but in the next battle their the villains. Still, there is a story line and it is interesting, but most of the time it feel like a history lesson on the Learning Channel than a action game’s story line.


Well, the gameplay is pretty basic but fun. There’s a map that show you where everything is, including where the base of the guy who is in charge of the army you’re fighting against. This is supposed to be a strategy action game, but I’ve found little to no strategy at all in this game. But this is a good thing. It really adds a lot more fun to the game. In a nutshell, you pick your character then go into this huge ancient samurai war that pits you and you army against thousands of really angry men with swords and arrows (you also have arrows but there almost useless). So you must kill all these man while fighting your way to whoever is leading the other army. Once he’s gone, the battle is over. But the war still has more to go. The games has a good amount of replay value and a lot of the generals and leaders from each battle can be unlocked for you to use.


Cool cool cool man. I mean cool. The FMVs are great but in play graphics are what makes the game great. I mean some time it feels like there a thousand guys on screen and looks like it too. There are literally dozens of character on the screen, so many in fact you forget about the weird characters that disappear and reappear. Some say this is pop-up, some say glitches. I say ghosts of the people who played the original Dynasty Warriors. Those poor fools and yes, the game has a little problem with distortion but no major issues.

Fun Factor

The game is full of fun. I mean you go round killing tons of guys with pony tails. Seriously this game is chuck full of fun, not nuts. This game could be more fun is if it where online compatible. I mean imagine going to war against a few of you close buds know that would rule over any FPS game.


Overall, DW2 is a very fun and exciting game. Just because the first one sucked doesn’t mean its sequal will. In other words, this game is much better than the original Dynasty Warriors. You should buy this if you’re into war samurais or just want a reason to use your PS2. You should not buy this game if your looking for a deep story or strategy, no matter what Koei says.