Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam


I don’t know what everyone else’ reaction is when they hear the title, Dynasty Warriors, but for me it is one of the most drawn out franchises in the history gaming. That is not to say that its a bad franchise, because it’s not. It just seems to have three or four games a year (a bit of an exaggeration) with the title Dynasty Warriors and that can be a bit tiring. Today however we are checking out a game that is unlike any Dynasty Warriors game in the past. This time it’s not in the ancient times, but instead in the world of Gundam. Can this title bring Gundam to the world of Dynasty Warriors franchise with great success? Read our full review to find out!


There are so many preconceptions related to the Dynasty Warriors franchise that many won’t even think about getting this game because of the experiences they have had with the franchise in the past. I have played nearly every one of the Dynasty Warriors titles, many of which have been fantastic, and others you just try to find what is different about this game over the previous. Well with Dynasty Warriors Gundam, can they make a great Gundam game on Sony’s new console the PS3?

Going into this game it was hard to imagine exactly what to expect from this title. Mainly because we have spent so much time in the past with the Dynasty Warriors franchise I wasn’t sure how the Gundam franchise would relate. Well actually the developers of this game really didn’t change much from the Dynasty Warriors franchise, except for the the time period and the characters. Otherwise the flow of the game is still on the same wave length as we have seen in the past from the franchise.

If you have played a Dynasty Warriors title before, then you know exactly what to expect from this game. It all starts out with a few short clips to get you into the story line and then immediately follows up with just immense action sequences which has you bashing buttons for ten solid minutes, and then move onto the next level. One thing I was a bit disappointed with was that even though we are no longer necessarily forced to be a hack and slash title. Everything about this game just feels like it still wanted it to be a simple hack and slash title and not really expand out to the world of Gundam.

What Dynasty Warriors Gundam is really doing is trying to hit a niche market, and I am not sure it really is aiming for the main stream market. In fact, with that being said, Dynasty Warriors Gundam is either wanting the faithful Dynasty Warriors fans that have kept this series around for years, and the fans of Gundam. The developers didn’t change much in the formula of a Dynasty Warriors experience, and yet you really have to understand the Gundam universe to get anything out of the game’s storyline.

All in all, the game isn’t terrible, but for me I just couldn’t see why there wasn’t more done to make this game a bit more strategic and a little less a button mashing experience. With that being said, I am sure there are those out there that are reading this thinking, that is exactly what I want - a mindless action experience. If that’s your fancy, then Dynasty Warriors Gundam can be a good choice. It is just hard to over look the fact that the game could have been so much more.


Visually, it’s surprising to say that although the game isn’t set in the ancient times, but instead the times of Gundam it still draws a lot of comparison from the Dynasty Warriors franchise. The real strength of this title are the pilot models of the Gundam, which carry the most detail and the strongest showing in the game. The environments similar to many Dynasty Warrior titles are rather mundane and lack any sort of distinct feel. Overall Dynasty Warriors Gundam looks pretty good, but could use some sprucing up, that’s for sure!

Fun Factor

I have never been Mr. Hack and Slash; the genre has always been amusing but that is about as far as it goes. In fact Dynasty Warriors Gundam has some areas later on in the game that just feel so ultra repetitive that it is hard to really want to push through. This is one of those games that I know I will get an e-mail about from a fan saying that I didn’t give the game a chance, or that I don’t know what I am talking about. Granted the Dynasty Warriors franchise has a strong following for both franchises, and there are so many that really just enjoy the simple button mashing experience. For me I saw a lot more potential than I did see results.


Dynasty Warriors Gundam is the kind of title that fails to live up to gamers expectations, especially when it carries the name of two very popular franchises. There is so much more that a Gundam game can do that it just feels like things were far too limited in this experience. PS3 owners who are thinking about picking up this game, I would do so with this caveat - only get this if you enjoy the simple button mashing experience. Otherwise you’re going to find yourself wondering what all the fuss is about.

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