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Earth 2160

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Earth 2160


Some of you may be surprised to know this but the game we are discussing today is Earth 2160, and what you may not know is that this actually comes from a series of “Earth” games that dates back to 1997 in Earth 2140 a game that unfortunately didn’t start the series off all that well. Well now here in 2005 we have the next installation into the somewhat unknown series, the name is of course Earth 2160, and the results could surprise some. Read our full review of Earth 2160 to find out!


To say that Earth 2160 is a strategy game is accurate, but to say Earth 2160 is like any other strategy game would probably be a lie. You see Earth 2160 may have some of the basic real time strategy style Gameplay elements but in the long run Earth 2160 is a very different style game and one of the key differences is the storyline which is just plain weird. Not getting into the details (trust me you will thank me later) the storyline really takes some odd ideas and throws them all together to make one confusing, and dare I say rather boring storyline, which was an initial blow to the single player campaign.

One of the things that you will have you to be ready for when entering Earth 2160 is the setup which is extremely complex and can be very hard to manage. Things that should be just a few clicks are much more complex and this is an example of how Earth 2160 is different from other RTS titles out there. You will have to give the game a lot of time to get used to the controls and just get use to the flow of the game. I truly believe that it was a cool idea that the developers wanted to be different, but they had to know going in, people want to be able to play the game and not be bogged down by such a complex setup.

Well let’s get into the actual Gameplay of Earth 2160 which actually wasn’t all that bad, the only real problem the game had was with the AI. There were times throughout my experience where I felt the computer made what I would call “unintelligent” moves that just kind of boggled my mind. There were times where I just wondered what the computer was thinking and that made for easy victories. At the higher difficulties however, the computer loses some of these issues.

The game does have a multiplayer side of things and this is where I felt the game did its best. At times it was hard to find games, but once you did the games were quite a lot of fun. You can see the true potential online as the AI is of course controlled by people and therefore the game plays a lot more competitively. I enjoyed my time online and felt this was the best avenue of the game.

In the end Earth 2160 is really a mixed bag of good and bad. You have a really long learning curve to get into this game, and AI that at times just seems to have a few screws loose. And then on the other end you have a very different unique game that offers a very different experience. So to rap this up if you like strategy games and want to try something different then the Gameplay of Earth 2160 will be something to check out, just make sure you are ready for a steeper learning curve then normal.


When I look at Earth 2160 I see a game that I just feel could have been a lot better then what I see in the final product. However this doesn’t mean Earth 2160 is a bad looking game because it takes a very different environment and does some interesting things with it. The game has some very nice environments and that is really the best part of the game, as the developers have put a lot of detail into these environments to make them really come alive. Unfortunately the actual unit models and the animation in the game does feel a little sluggish and not near as exciting. The visuals are good but don’t expect anything out of the ordinary in this one.

Fun Factor

When I look at my experience in this game I see one that really could have been a lot better then what was given to us. With that being said there are still some very enjoyable aspects to this game that made for a very different experience as well. One thing you have to do in Earth 2160 is be aware that this game has a long learning curve, one that you will have to be very patient with. The multiplayer end of things is where the game plays at its best with more strategy and a much more interesting experience.


Earth 2160 is really going to appeal to a very specific market, and that is a market full of strategy buffs who don’t mind taking the time to get used to a different game. You have to give the developers a little credit for going out and creating such a unique game, and I do hope to see another game in the series because Earth 2160 showed a lot more potential then any previous game in the series and you can truly see that there could be great things to come.

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