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Evil Dead Regeneration

Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


One of the cult horror franchises that still has people talking about them is the Evil Dead series. For reasons unknown, the video games based on this franchise did not do as well as it should. So could developer Cranky Pants possibly pull together a game that not only does the movie franchise justice, but also bring gaming fans the same amount of enjoyment as the movies? Well you are going to have to read our full review of Evil Dead Regeneration to find out!


When I heard that THQ was publishing another Evil Dead game, I have to say I was a little surprised, especially since the previous game, Evil Dead a Fist Full of Boomstick, did not exactly set the gaming world on fire. The original game was a budget title, and even at that price point it seemed a little too uneven and not well polished enough to really warrant a guarantee purchase. Now this game Evil Dead Regeneration is also coming out under the budget price tag, and could the results be better then before?

The story behind Evil Dead Regeneration is totally different from the previous game, and from my understanding has some ties with the movies. Basically you play as Ash (who is voiced by Bruce Campbell) and one day in your cabin a bunch of guys come over and try to tear everything apart, but while doing so they get caught up with Ash and he takes them all out. Then as the story goes you basically are sent to an asylum, and from there are in charge of saving the world. This is a pretty typical Evil Dead storyline, and although it doesn’t start out all that interesting, the game picks up throughout and becomes one of the stronger portions of the game.

Alright so you have the storyline of the game Evil Dead Regeneration but how does the gameplay stack up in the game? Well similar to the previous Evil Dead game, the game is all action. What’s interesting this time around is that you don’t have to play as Ash alone. This time he has a friend, his half-human friend Sam, who has one of the coolest roles as he can just be used die and he will come back to life again. So he is what I would like to call a disposable character that really can be used to help the combat go along, as well as to solve puzzles and get to smaller places. Although Sam doesn’t really provide a huge new area of the video game, I must say I did enjoy the fact that there were two characters in the game rather then just Ash.

The actual action as Ash is not all that different from the previous game. You still have a variety of weapons at your disposal, like the saw and your trusty boomstick. What is cool about the combat system is there is not only close up attacks but the melee attacks are good too. And once you get an opponent down to a certain point, you can use what the game calls a finishing move, and let me just say these are the most enjoyable parts of Evil Dead Regeneration.

When I look at this game though I see what usually makes up a budget title, and that is the ideas are there but the execution may be kind of spotty. Thus is the case with Evil Dead Regeneration. When playing through this game I found that the action just kind of felt dry at points and when the action was good the game just felt like it was taking you on a one way street that never changed. One of the other problems I had with the game was the targeting system, which wasn’t all that consistent, and seemed to only work properly parts of the time. To just wrap this game up in a nutshell, this is a game that has a great idea going for it, but the execution just has some problems that hold it back from showcasing Ash at his best.


Budget titles have that stereotype to them that they are automatically going to be a pretty plain looking video game, and unfortunately this holds true with Evil Dead Regeneration. One of the things the developers did well was the character models, Ash in particular, who had a huge improvement over last years game, but even that he is still not overwhelmingly polished. I think the biggest problem I had with the presentation of the game was that there was just nothing to it; it was bland, colorless, and really uneventful. Evil Dead Regeneration is a game that just doesn’t do much right in the visual department, and unfortunately looks like a budget title.

Fun Factor

If you made an Evil Dead video game right, then we would be saying that this possibly could be the most fun we have had, mainly because of Ash’s character and how perfect he is for an action video game. However when they made this game a budget title you can see you didn’t get the full package and thus didn’t get all the fun value that you could have gotten. With that being said there is still fun to be had in this game and that mainly has to do with the amount of weapons you have and the fun of playing as Sam, as he really does give a much needed boost of variety in the game.


Evil Dead Regeneration is a budget title, and so for the price you unfortunately get what you pay for. With that being said, this game is not that bad of an experience as there are some interesting ideas, like Sam but the overall Evil Dead Regeneration just feels like another missed opportunity. When I play this game I feel like had they been given the right budget to make this game it actually would be a force to reckon with. But alas Evil Dead Regeneration is really going to appeal mainly to the fans of the movie series, but could make a decent rental for others who want to get quick action fix.

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