EyeToy: AntiGrav


The EyeToy was first released by Sony a few years ago released what was seen in my eyes as a gimmick, but instead has been featured in many games and has had two of its own already as well. The EyeToy has yet to really make a stand out title, but really put a lot of time and promotion into their latest adventure in Eyetoy: AntiGrav for the PS2. Is this the game to take the Eyetoy to the next level? Read on for our full review to find out!


For those of you who have been oblivious to the PS2 market for the past year or so, have missed out on one of the few PS2 accessories made by Sony. Probably the one that has stuck the most, besides the network adapter, is the Eye Toy, which is a little black camera that basically is a webcam that allows you to play games using your body’s movement to control games. Although the camera does have some noticeable limitations, it has offered some great games to play with a group of people. So now we have a game that is made in full for the Eye Toy and its called Eyetoy: AntiGrav, but is it any good?

This would be the first time the EyeToy has ever made its way onto a game that leaves your body out of the mix. Well Eyetoy: AntiGrav is a hoverboard game in which your head is the main focus of the game and your arms come in a close second. You take your hoverboard through some crazy intense arenas which represent a futuristic look and feel. The Eyetoy takes the location of your face and from there on determines the direction and speed that you move at. This can take some time and practice to get the hang of, but keep at it as the game can be quite rewarding.

But don’t worry, your face isn’t the only thing getting a work out as your arms have to get in the mix as well, which are used when grinding rails and attempting to actually "grab" power ups. These power ups are actually quite useful and necessary to ride a good race and to be successful in the game. Your arms also serve as the tool for pulling off tricks using the games simplistic trick system.

But that’s not all the game offers during the races, because this game is full of secret passages and what are known as launch pads. Now these things are what really make the game a whole lot of fun. These "launch pads" launch you up in the air and then a set of mechanical wings pop up and you have to glide your rider through a set of rings which can actually be a lot more challenging then it looks.

Now so far things are looking pretty good for the game, but this just all of the stuff that leads up to some of the games flaws which unfortunately are apparent in the game. The first problem I had with this title was the amount of courses in the game, which totals up to five. If you ask me that do just not enough courses to keep people want to come back for more? Although the races are quite intense and quite lengthy it just is not enough to give this game the right amount of replay value.

The second problem that I had with the game was probably not so much the games fault but the limitations of the EyeToy combined with the game. First off to play this game in the manner in which it was intended to be played, you are going to need quite a bit of room to spread out because your arms are going to be flying around. Second off the game does require quite a bit of lighting, even more so then the previous EyeToy games. Without a lot of light you are going to find that the Eyetoy doesn’t always work in the manner in which it was intended.

With all of this being said the game is still a marvel if you ask me. Eyetoy: AntiGrav is a game in which takes the gaming world to a level that it really has never been before on the home consoles. Although the game may not be perfect, it still provides a very impressive and long lasting experience that is great for playing by yourself or with a group of friends. It’s one that doesn’t requite a lot of skill to pick up and play but plenty of time to master.


So far the Eyetoy games have never really had much to the graphics department just giving gamers a decent menu in which to play the mini games in. So how does the game do with its first "real" game? Pretty good.

At first glance most are going to be quite impressed with the lavish environments in which your rider hovers around in is actually quite impressive. They take a very urban futuristic look that actually works pretty well with the game. Although the game doesn’t have a whole lot of detail, it does end up giving quite a bit of color and interesting looks throughout all of the courses. I was most impressed with the design of the courses, which in my eyes were quite impressive, and reminded me a lot of the SSX series. Not only are the environments impressive, the character models aren’t half bad either, with quite a bit of detail and plenty of color.

Overall Eyetoy: AntiGrav is a good-looking game when you pick it up and remains that way for the entirety of the game. For the most part I was quite impressed with how everything flowed together in the game and made for quite a nice looking experience.

Fun Factor

You know the one problem that I had the most difficulty getting over was actually how hard this game is to get the hang of. It just takes quite a while to get used to moving your head around instead of your fingers. But once you get that down which can take quite a bit of time you will in for a pretty fun experience. This is not a game that tries to be anything unique but instead remains with the roots of extreme sport type games.


Eyetoy: AntiGrav is an impressive game that shows us what the future of gaming could be like. Although the technology may not all be there in this package, it does provide us with a solid experience that many will have quite a bit of fun with. For those who are skeptical this game makes a great rental, and for the rest of you wondering this would be a good addition to your EyeToy library, my answer would be yes.

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