It was only a little while ago that Sony had released the most innovative addition to the PS2 with the Eye Toy. A little black camera that put you into the game, and had your movements directly effect what was happening on screen. The Eye Toy caught quite a few fans, and now Sony is back at it again, and this time it’s your chance to really get your groove on. It’s Eye Toy: Groove and it’s now available for your PS2.


When Eye Toy: Play was released for the PS2 you found a game that really wasn’t all that deep but the fresh feel of the game was really what was the selling factor of the first. Now that the fresh factor has been put down a few notches, how will the second title in the of Eye Toy series fair?

With Eye Toy: Groove you are given a title that doesn’t really have all the different game types similar to Eye Toy: Play but instead has a bunch of mini games all based on dancing and music. Eye Toy: Groove has a total of 28 licensed songs. The one thing I must commend SCE Studios London is for their selection of licensed songs. The one’s they chose are some great dance songs that really are a lot of fun to groove to. This was an essential ingredient for the game that turned out to be one of its brighter sides.

The game has a basic outline that has its complex parts, but for the most part stays with its simplistic roots. You are given six sensors; the four corners, and the two middle spots. The premise behind the game is to hit the sensors right as the icons reach that selected sensor. Hit them at the perfect times and you will truly get your groove on.

The multiplayer portions of the game are where the game ends up excelling the most. This is where the party portions of the game truly come out, and in great fashion. The tournament mode is by far my favorite, which has you go up against three others to battle it out to see who is the best dancer of them all. A nice feature is when the game takes a picture of each gamer and flashes their picture in front of the screen to indicate whose turn to go. This can get the game going fast and furious and I had some wonderful times working in this mode.

The team sync mode is also quite fun, which has you and a friend to hit the sensors, the only catch is there are more to deal with. This mode implements a lot of team work and really can get gamers truly feeling in the game. Just make sure you don’t get in a fight with your teammate.

The biggest downside to Groove is the fact that it doesn’t have much depth to it at all. The single player mode with the total of 28 songs really doesn’t have enough to it, to keep you coming back for a long time. For those of you who have had any experience in the DDR series will have no problem stepping right up to Groove and being able to match ever challenge the game has to throw at you. Personally I am not all that great at DDR but even myself I have found that the game doesn’t seem to be much of a challenge at all. With only 28 songs you will come realize that this is more of a multiplayer party game then a deep single player game.


With a game like Eye Toy: Groove judging the graphics of the game can actually be quite a challenge. The game consists of a few visuals on screen; basically a few shapes and flying icons (nothing special), and the feed from the webcam. Well how does the game end up looking you might ask?

Well you will see that the feed from the Eye Toy seems to have been picked up a slight bit from Play but not much. The feed from the Eye Toy is still quite blurry and still has a long way to go before I can really give it the thumbs up. As for the rest of the graphics, you will find that the developers could have done some more to spice up the game’s graphics up to make it look at least a little bit more appealing.

Fun Factor

It’s a party game; it’s bound to be fun right? Correct, Eye Toy: Groove follows the normal party game path and continues to be a lot of fun, especially when you are with a big group of friends. The multiplayer will have gamers glued to the television, in a game filled with laughter, dancing, and the occasional frustration. In Eye Toy: Groove you are given a good amount of tunes which will keep you upbeat and ready to dance the night away.


So is the latest Eye Toy title enough to want you to get your Groove on? Well when it all comes down to it, if you are looking for a party title, to entertain your friends, then you should think about picking this one up. If you already own DDR or don’t yet have an Eye Toy, you can probably pass on this one, it’s probably not worth it.

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