EyeToy: Kinetic


When the little black camera was first introduced a few years ago by Sony, I have to say that I thought it was nothing more than just a fad, and may have only two or three games developed for it. Well, obviously I was completely wrong, as the EyeToy has proven to be a success for the console, as it spawned a whole slew of interactive games to the delight of more adventurous gamers out there. Now out of nowhere two more EyeToy games have been released, and today we are checking out EyeToy: Kinetic, a game that tries to get you off the couch and into shape. Do they accomplish this goal? Read our full review to find out!


Now when I just recently heard about Kinetic, I have to say that I wasn’t one who was eagerly anticipating the release. The game is basically at its core an exercise game, and this means you actually have to do something rather then just sit there with a controller in your hand. Now in order to make this happen, the people over at Sony included a new lens for the EyeToy, which allows you to be fully captured in the. So this inclusion is a good thing as it fully allows you to have much more ability to move around, without having to worry about where on screen you can be.

Now parents have been really pushing for games that reward exercise like Dance Dance Revolution, which has even been seen going into the classroom. So with EyeToy: Kinetic you know there has to be some parents out there overjoyed by this recent release. Now one thing that is different about Kinetic is that this is not really a game, but instead strictly and exercise program. You start by doing stretches, and these are some pretty crafty and engaging exercises that help you get loosened up before the big exercise.

You really have two options when it comes to Kinetic. You have the create your own workout routine, which is titled Routine Builder. This is basically where you create your own custom routine, based off a lot of already made ideas by Sony. Or you can just go straight to the personal trainer, who basically will take you step by step on the actions that you need to do to get a nice style workout in. I personally want someone to tell me what to do, and that is why I went with the second option.

Basically the game gives you a twelve week schedule, where you get to pick the days you want to workout, with the recommendation of three days weekly. Now you can switch up the days if you have to, but if you do not workout the game will realize this, so it is a very intelligent design. Basically Kinetics gives you twenty-two different routines to choose from, and this in turn allows you to have some variation to your workout. I have to say that although the key focus of this "game" is strictly fitness, it still gives some entertaining workout moments. In the end, while Kinetic does what it is supposed to do, the only real problem I had with the game was the setup, which took a lot of tweaking of my living room for it to be a proper workout environment. Besides that Kinetic has both customization, and a strict workout plan that for those gamers out there who want to get in shape, this may be a solid way to do it.


Visually this game doesn’t really make any strides to where the EyeToy has not already been. For those that have been in a lot of the previous EyeToy games, you will be very familiar with the style this game uses, except don’t expect as much "arcade flair". The visuals really represent what you would imagine a workout edition of EyeToy to be, and in that case the developers did what they needed to do to keep the presentation strong but not overdoing it.

Fun Factor

Well I could say that I quite possibly could have given this a big fat zero, but I have to admit that although I am not a huge fitness buff, I did find a lot of the activities in EyeToy: Kinetic to at least be somewhat enjoyable. Maybe the game doesn’t have a lot of neat bells and whistles, but what it does have is a good deal of workout routines to play around with. It also allows you to come up with your own workout, or have personal trainer assist you step-by-step through the process.


EyeToy: Kinetic is a good solid workout game that does exactly what it set out to do, and that is make use of the EyeToy camera and give gamers a chance to have a bit of fun while working out. Sure this isn’t a perfect effort but it is good enough to warrant a purchase to any EyeToy owner out there who is in need of some motivation to get off the couch and begin to work out. Who knows this game could be the perfect companion to your New Year’s Resolution!

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