It’s not every day a product is released onto the market that really takes people by storm. It’s also not every day you see yourself in the actual video game itself. Well Sony, a true innovator in the world of gaming has released a camera (plus games) for your PS2 that will get you in the game. It’s the EyeToy: Play and it’s a ton of fun.


When people first heard of the EyeToy: Play it was really thought of pretty revolutionary, and in many ways it is. I remember sitting back realizing that my actions would actually be shown on the screen, and this is a feeling that many people have got. The EyeToy: Play won’t knock your socks off with deep gameplay, or amazing graphics but it will be a great game to play with friends and to just have a good time on a rainy day.

The camera is USB and plugs right into the front of your PS2. It is truly plug and play, throw the disc into your PS2 and you are ready to jump into the world of the EyeToy. The camera comes bundled with twelve games of different genres to give you a little feel of everything. The games of EyeToy are: Beat Freak, Kung Foo, Wishi Washi, Soccer Craze, Boxing Chump, UFO Juggler, Slap Stream, Plate Spinner, Disco Stars, Ghost Eliminator, Mirror Time, and Rocket Rumble. Through the review I will just go over a few of my personal favorite games and what they are all about.

The majority’s favorite (from what I have seen) is the Kung Foo game, which is a little fighting title that really gets you into the action is a ton of fun to play. You have little Asian ninjas jumping at you from buildings and it’s your job to knock them out. This simple concept not only becomes a work out in the later rounds but also is just a lot fun as well. The game is one of the few games that also can serve as a challenge in the later rounds and is by far my favorite game out of the dozen.

Another game worth noting is Boxing Chump and there are many reasons behind my madness. First I have always enjoyed going to the arcades and playing the boxing games where you strap up the gloves and swing like a mad man and this is exactly what you get to do in Boxing Chump. Although the game doesn’t have much depth it still does a nice job of giving you a decent feel of a boxing arcade game.

The final game I will discus is Beat Freak, kind of a Dance Dance rip off that is extremely addicting. This is by far the best party game on the dozen games provided in the package. The game like mentioned is addicting and can become pretty challenging, and most will spend a lot more time laughing at themselves then actually dancing away.

To be quite frank none of these games are going to keep you occupied for all that long, each game is extremely simple and given ten or twenty minutes and you will have easily mastered the strategy of the game. These games can easily be played by the younger crowd, but this is not to say the older crowd won’t enjoy these games because you will. They are simple yet entertaining and you will definitely get some great laughs from this title, because I know I have. It’s the perfect icebreaker for party’s and the perfect device to get things going on a boring day all in all it is just a lot of fun.


The EyeToy doesn’t try to do much graphically, it sets out to do one thing and one thing only and that is to "keep it simple", and that is exactly what the EyeToy graphics does. For the most part the graphics on the EyeToy are just there they are simple and get the job done and they go along with the party feel. It’s pretty hard to really give the graphics a true score but for what the game set out to do it did quite well.

Fun Factor

If you haven’t noticed throughout my review I have used the word "fun" an awful lot and that’s because the EyeToy: Play is just a ton of fun. Each game has it’s own unique feel to it that try’s and keep things fresh, and sitting back watching your friends look stupid is always brings joy to my eyes. Unfortunately the fun doesn’t last forever the games are simplistic and in the end that hurts them. The games are good for a one-time use but if you are looking for a game to play more then once or twice in a week this one will lose its flavor fast.


The Eye Toy: Play is a much welcome addition to the PS2 library and hopefully has started a trend for camera type games to come. These games are quite fun to play for the short run and for that there an excellent party title. If your looking for a no brainier kick back party title with a camera there is no where else to go then the EyeToy: Play for the PS2.

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