Never in the history of gaming, in my opinion, has a game promised so much to the public. Never have I seen a game get this unbelievable level of hype or anticipation as this game. Never have I seen a game that has gone through so many changes but ended up still making a great product. Starting as Project Ego and finishing as Fable, could we be looking at the best game of all time? Read the review to find out!


When we first heard about Project Ego quite a few years ago we were told of a game that offered more to gamers then they could have ever imagined. The whole idea that a character could evolve over time, depending on his/her decisions boggled many peoples mind, myself included. The game promised to be one of the most memorable gaming experiences ever created. And although the game has gone through various changes with some features being taken out of the game, the final product of Fable remained with most of what was promised. So is it enough? If you ask me it’s plenty good enough!

One of the first huge announcements regarding Fable was the aging system, in which your body changed over time depending on the path you take, being good versus evil. You start in Fable as a young boy and right away you can see that there are two very distinct paths in which your character can take. You start by having to earn three gold pieces to pay for your sister’s birthday present. Your father says that if you do three good deeds in the town he will give you three gold pieces. But then again you also have the option of doing three bad deeds in the town and still getting three gold coins. So right from the start of the game you have the ability to change your alignment in the world to the direction you want. Following this you will end up seeing your town destroyed and you’re taken off to the hero’s guild for your training.

This training in Fable is very crucial to being successful in the game. You will start by learning hand to hand combat, and then will make your way to the archery range, and then off to test your magic skills. Each skill is not very hard to learn or get the hang of, but mastering these skills becomes a requirement.

So now the game starts you off on your quest to seek either stardom or evil. The game throws off a few simple quests to start off with, but they show you how you can really choose which way you want to take your character. Also before you start a quest you have the ability to accept a boast, which will make your quest a little harder depending on what type of boast you choose but will also raise the money earnings you get after completing a quest.

As you go through the game you will be fighting several different types of enemies in which range from little bees to huge boulder-throwing giants. So depending on whom you are fighting will also reflect which types of attack you will use to defeat the enemies. As you go through the game you will learn the different strategies that are involved in the game.

One of the best parts of the game is the development of your character over time. Not only in how he looks but the different skills you will receive throughout your various quests. Adding points to your character is where the most strategy is involved in the game as you will have to figure out what types of skills your character will be good at.

The one thing that surprised me about Fable was that it is a lot more linear then I had thought it would be. As you do have a the choice of when you do quests and how you do them, but there also is a few set paths in which you must take to complete the game. And with that being said you played the straight through the storyline it really wouldn’t take you all that long to complete. But that is one of the great things about Fable as the game was created for you to explore the vast environments in search of all the little things that make this game so great and enjoyable. Once you have gone through the entirety of the game many will still want to go back through it, maybe with a different alignment, but the replay value of the game is quite good.

Overall Fable was probably one of the most anticipated games of 2004 and it held up its end of the bargain. Although the game does have some minor shortcomings, this is a game that is just a whole lot of fun, and really is quite deep. The combat system is very successful and just watching your character age is a thrill.


One thing Fable was never short of before its final release was screenshots. You could find millions of screenshots all over the net on the game, showing off what was hoped to be one of the best looking games to make the Xbox this year. So did Fable win that crown? Not quite.

Fable is a game that is beautiful from one side of the world to the other. You have these environments that contain so much life and so much color that its really hard no to look back in amazement. There are so many different types of environments in which you roam around in that you would probably think the game would become repetitive. But thankfully enough there are so many different types of environments that it just keeps you wanting to search the whole Fable universe.

On the other side of thing the character models are a mixed bag if you ask me. Your character is amazingly detailed, showing the wear and tear of being a hero or villain. You can also get your character different haircuts and tattoos that really change your character outlook. On the negative side you are given the computer characters in which don’t have a whole lot of variety but instead start to all look about the same.

Even with that being said, it’s not like Fable let us down all that much in the graphics, because they still show us plenty of detail, and whole lot of color.

Fun Factor

The one thing I really liked more then anything about Fable was how addictive the game was. It’s not that all of the little neat bells and whistles that the game introduced, but instead just the core gameplay. I really thought the developers did a great job of making a very easy yet complex combat system that allowed gamers to really let it loose and have fun. There are so many things to explore, so many people to talk to, and so many items to buy, that it’s really hard to have a good time one way or the other in the game. This is one of the few games so far this year that really has had me glued to the TV for a long period of time.


Even with all of the hype, and all of the anticipation, Fable still comes through with a great action RPG gaming experience. For anyone who even was mildly interested in Fable, I would definitely tell you to go out right now and go pick this game up, as it is sure to keep you busy for quite sometime.

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