Frogger: Helmet Chaos


There are some series that just never seem to go away, no matter how bad they seem to do. The game we are talking about today is a game that came from a once very prominent series that went downhill with the advent of modern video games. The game is Frogger: Helmet Chaos, and it is taking its first leap onto the Playstation Portable. So does this game capture the classic Frogger feel, or is this one that we can just do without? Read our full review to find out now!


Like I just mentioned, it seems as though Frogger can’t seem to get with the time, failing to revamp themselves in line with advancing technology. Take the idea of Frogger, a simple frog who just needs to get from one end of the road to the other without becoming flattened. Try to make that into a current game and it seems like developers are at a loss. Well Konami hasn’t given up on their frog friend, and they are back in Frogger: Helmet Chaos for the PSP.

What really strikes me as funny is the fact that a Frogger game has a storyline; this to me just seems pretty humorous, as at one time games didn’t need storylines and now even Frogger needs one. Basically Frogger is the great hero who needs to go stop the evil bad guy from ruling the world and making everyone sad. As you can see the storyline is very bare, and has been done to death in other games.

The gameplay itself is actually really simple and doesn’t require a whole lot of time to talk about. The whole idea is similar to that of the classic Frogger, and that is trying to get form the beginning to the end without getting killed. Throughout the game, the developers have thrown different challenges in the mix, with different enemies and the like. The puzzles in the game start out pretty easy and progressively become more and more difficult. I must say that the game does a fine job of giving you an idea of what to do at all times, but at the same token still makes it challenging.

The biggest problems I had with Helmet Chaos was two fold actually. First off I could not stand the controls in this game, as they were extremely touchy and can be really frustrating. Second off the game just never wanted to be more then just a simple puzzle game. Sure the game is in 3D for the first time on the handhelds, but besides that this is still a pretty basic Frogger adventure that feels identical its past iterations. It is not that there is anything overly wrong with this game, but in the end Helmet Chaos for the PSP delivers just a "so-so" gaming experience.


The visual style behind Frogger: Helmet Chaos was actually its strongest aspect. Frogger stands out quite a bit from the rest of the game, as he obviously has plenty of detail and sports a very bright and nice looking green. The environments have the whole nice friendly approach, with very bright colors and a good deal of detail. The overall look of Helmet Chaos is a solid one, with plenty of detail and a great deal of color. It is not perfect but is still a solid looking game nonetheless.

Fun Factor

Frogger: Helmet Chaos is the type of game that is really a one time deal. Once you have completed it, there is really very little reason to go back through and play it again. Frogger: Helmet Chaos is a game that I found to be very amusing throughout the experience, except for the lackluster controls. The game also kind of suffers with the lack of variety, as you seem to do the same thing over and over again. To me, this seems like it needed more work in order to really get to the point that you could play this game for more then one time through.


Frogger: Helmet Chaos is one of those games that is decent, but doesn’t have anything really revolutionary for the series. If you like the Frogger style puzzle games that don’t have all the bells and whistles of other puzzle games on the market, then Frogger Helmet Chaos for the PSP would be a good choice for you. Otherwise I doubt this game is going to be all that impressive for the rest of us out there.

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