The original Full Auto title for the Xbox 360 was one of the highly anticipated games for the console that was heavily promoted by Microsoft. Well the final product, for lack of a better word, tanked, and just didn’t live up to the promise. Well now approximately a year after the original SEGA is back at it again with Full Auto 2: Battlelines, this time for the new Playstation 3. Can SEGA learn from their mistakes and make Full Auto 2 a driving force for the new PS3? Read our full review to find out!


Arcade style racing games are one of the more popular genres of our time, with games like Burnout, Need for Speed, and Ridge Racer constantly attracting fans. Full Auto got a lot of hype last year for being both a big racer and a game full of destruction. The two mixed in decent fashion, however there were some graphical and gameplay issues that held the game back from being truly spectacular.

What gamers will find in Full Auto 2 is a game that is both in many ways similar to what we saw in the original game. Full Auto 2 still has the same core gameplay modes, including arcade, career, and online play. The career mode still has much of the same, with a lot of the same sort of objectives that we saw in the original. The career mode still could have used more depth, although one addition does help provide a lot more to the table than previously found. The new arena mode does give a sort of "Twisted Metal" approach, and although its not the same style of arena bashing, it still does give Full Auto 2 a much needed push in front of what we saw with the original.

The overall feel of the single player was much better than the original, in that there seems to be a lot more depth. Although a lot of the racing action do become monotonous after a while, the pure thrill of getting new weapons later on in the game is actually a pretty good motivator. It does however take a bit of time to get to some of the more interesting parts of the game, and I believe that some will be turned off by the delay. The single player definitely has room for improvement and I think that simply begins with more innovation. The game still hasn’t gone out on its own and really defined itself. You get the feeling a lot when playing this game that it is taking cues from a lot of different games, but nothing that is unique to this franchise.

The online features and modes seem to be in full force in Full Auto 2; however finding a game to play is another thing. I have had this game for a few weeks now, and there are just a small number of users online, which makes reviewing this portion of the game a bit difficult. From my experiences online however, I did find that the game held up really well and had all of the different features that you would want out of an online racing game. The setup and option choices are all right there and are easy to figure out, it is really a shame more people aren’t online to really give the online support a full run through.

In the end, Full Auto 2 is really a much better game then what we saw a year ago. Even though the game still needs a much more unique and clear purpose, I do believe that things are looking much better for this franchise. Full Auto 2 is a great start on the PS3, and although it may not be as strong, gameplay-wise, as what we saw in Namco’s Ridge Racer 7, it still puts up one heck of a game that leaves some hope for another game for the series.


Just as Full Auto for the Xbox 360 was not an overwhelming game to look at, Full Auto 2 for the Playstation 3 leaves much to be desired. The game does do a much better job with the frame rate, which was the biggest issue in last year’s game. With that being said, there was still some minor instances of slowdown, something that you would think a year later would have been ironed out. The rest of the game looks pretty good, with a good amount of detail and some pretty nice tracks to ride on. In the end, this is a game that still has some work to do, but looks good nonetheless.

Fun Factor

Being a fan of arcade racers, I must say that Full Auto 2 does succeed in better fashion than the original. There is just more in this game to enjoy than what we had in the original, whether it be better weapons, more offline depth, and hopefully in the future a deeper online experience. It is too bad that lack of PS3’s out there have put a damper on the online experience, since SEGA really put a lot of work into the online capabilities of this game, and they don’t seem to be grabbing a whole lot of attention.


So were you lucky enough to score a PS3 this holiday season? Well if you did, then I would recommend checking out Full Auto 2. I don’t necessarily think it’s a better game than Ridge Racer 7, however it still has a lot of enjoyable qualities that I think the lucky owners of the PS3 should take the time to check out.

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