Full Spectrum Warrior


Ever since Full Spectrum Warrior was unveiled last year we saw a game that showed quite a bit of promise that many of us were really looking forward to. Full Spectrum Warriors uses the same engine as the war simulations run by the US Army, which should produce some very realistic results. So as you can probably already guess Pandemic Studios has quite a bit of hype to live up to.


I am going to get something out in the open right away as I dive into this review. Full Spectrum Warrior is unlike almost any game ever created. Now if you’re expecting a game that has you shooting down plenty of baddies, then you need to go find a different game because this is a game all about strategy. You will have sequences in the game where you will be in firefights with the enemy but you will not be getting the same sort of satisfaction that you would in a third person shooter but instead the game gives you one similar to a real time strategy game.

The story behind Full Spectrum Warrior is very close to the same situation the world is going through as we speak. The world has become under quite a bit of terrorist attacks with the leader being Mohammad Jabbour Al Afad. After reading about Mr. Afad you will find right away that he bears a strong resemblance to Osama Bin Laden. The world is quite alarmed by the recent terrorist attacks so they decide to send troops in there to rid the world of Afad.

Well before you can go out there and try to rid the world of terrorist threats you must go through a very extensive training mission. Let me tell you this is the most complex, the longest tutorial mode I have experiences in quite a long time. This tutorial will take up to almost an hour. Now on the flip side of this you will be well prepared to get into the game and take on all of the complex strategies that are involved in being successful in Full Spectrum Warrior.

In Full Spectrum Warrior you take control of two army fire teams, each consisting of four men. Each member of the team has specific roles, which include: Team Leader, Automatic Rifleman, Grenadier, and Rifleman. The two teams Alpha and Bravo both actually have real characters that all have there own background and story behind them which really makes you feel like you know all the men in your squads.

The biggest plus for Full Spectrum Warrior is the ease of the control. With such a complex title it’s nice to have a straightforward approach to the controls that doesn’t cause any unneeded frustration. By moving the cursor you can pinpoint exactly where on the screen you want to place your team. The green circle represents the team leader’s position, which is very important. If you get the team leader in a vulnerable position he will no longer be able to use his GPS, which is an essential tool to succeed in Full Spectrum Warrior.

I must compliment Pandemic Studios for paying so much attention to detail with Full Spectrum Warrior. Wherever your team may be a little icon above their head’s show their current status. Whether they are safe from enemy fire or if you are vulnerable to attack. The game starts off with a lot of simple ideas but as you start playing through the game you will find how addictive it can be. You are genuinely playing a very complex game of chess that can really take up hours upon hours of your day. The deeper you get into the game the more and more you will find yourself wanting to play.

You combine the addictive gameplay with not only a great single player mode but a great multiplayer mode as well. Full Spectrum Warrior also includes Xbox Live support. Now that just tops it all off in my eyes. The co-op online is just a blast, you can really use great team work and truly play the game to its fullest. This is positively one of the most engaging strategic army based game out on the market today.


The Xbox has had some great looking games over the past few years. We have had all the beautiful racing titles, DOA Beach Volleyball, Splinter Cell, all with stunning graphics. Now Full Spectrum Warrior doesn’t have great graphics because of an overwhelming graphics, but just how smooth and detailed everything is throughout the game.

The environments of Full Spectrum Warrior really do a great job of representing the poor run down areas of the Middle East. Everywhere you go you will see so many little details that you will never feel like you’re in the same spot more then once. Every part of the environments can be important for cover so you always have to be aware of your surroundings. The character models are also quite impressive with plenty of detail and personality.

Overall Full Spectrum Warrior is a great looking game that pays plenty of attention to detail and everything has plenty of variety.

Fun Factor

Full Spectrum Warrior is one of those games that can be quite frustrating at times but also very rewarding. The more time and effort you place onto the game the more you will find how much fun the game can be. As you get to the later levels of the game the strategy becomes even more complex and the game starts going at its full potential. If you enjoy real time strategy games you are going to have a blast with Full Spectrum Warrior.


For those of you strategy buffs out there who have been complaining about not having a game out there for you, stop complaining because here is a game that is tough yet a whole lot of fun. It combines a great blend of strategy and action to give you one of the best games to hit the Xbox this year. It is a for sure buy for anyone interested in a strategy game for the Xbox.

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