GhostControl Inc.

GhostControl Inc is exactly what the name implies. You run a business of Ghost Pest Control. The map is an isometric view done in in a fashion that reminds me of the 16-bit of my youth.The music was also reminiscent of that era, and while it may not be for everyone. The game starts out with you pick your first employee.

After you pick your character, take a job and head out. When you arrive on the scene, you have so many action points per turn to work with. Move, shoot, lay a trap, use a sensor, Guard (once the option becomes available), or manage your inventory till you run out of points. It's a system very familiar to those who have played the likes of XCOM: Enemy Unknown or Omerta. End your turn, and repeat until all the ghosts in the building are ether captured, too much collateral damage is done and you fail, or your team loses its sanity (health) and flees. After completing a mission, you get money minus what damages in broken furniture. Once you get 3 hunters at the same time, some of the indoor areas can be really cramped. you can use shift to hide the walls, then again to hide the objects. and once more to return them. It helps out a lot when trying to fight ghosts in narrow hallways or dining areas with lots of tables and chairs.

There are a few different hunter types. Leader, Shooter, Bruiser, and scientist. Scientist are needed to research and upgrade items, bruisers have high hp and can use heavier equipment. The car you start off with is only a 2 seater with limited storage space, so youll want to upgrade as soon as you can, which comes shortly after you buy a bigger HQ. The HQ is where you can save, hire and fire new team mates, upgrade items, train employee stats, and sell excess ectoplasm you collect from ghosts. The ectoplasm is also needed to upgrade items and fuels the nitro on your vehicle. the first HQ has one room you can make a training room or research area. I made mine a lab and then when I got the second HQ I had found a extra upgrade room and one was already a lab. so I just had to make the training room then.

You'll notice when you look on the map screen that you aren't the only team in town. If you take too long to get to a mission point, one of these other CPU controlled teams may intercept your mission leaving you to wait for the next one to pop up. usually it isnt a problem as long as you go straight there and don't stop off to make purchases. in addition to buying stuff and going to missions and returning to the HQ, you also go to the gas icons to refill your car's gas, and visit the hospital to restore any sanity you lost in battle as well as remove effects.

The game points you along the right track with little goals like save this much money. get a new HQ, hire another memember, etc. Every 7 days your rent and team mates salary comes out of any money you have, so you have to always make sure you are able to afford it. Items you can buy are new guns,traps, sensors, jumpsuits, goggles, and even vehicles.

There are a variety of guns, and they can have different effects. some are just standard damage dealers. Others pull ghost close to you, while other beam types push them away. I found a long range one that dealt good damage, but there had to be a at least a total of 4 tiles distance between the shooter and target. it allows for interesting tactics and strategies. Do you have everyone with a pull beam in one hand and a trap in the other? Maybe give someone a push beam and have them flank targets to push them into traps the others set? or what I liked to do, is had two guys with a pull beam while the third hunter was equipped with just a long range beam and sensor. since she had to stay at least 4 tiles away, I didn't need to waste giving her a trap to carry, and instead lets her tell me how many ghosts are around when shes not shooting.

The traps have differences in ghost capacity, strength, and some are wide traps where a ghost doesn't have to be directly standing over it to trigger. You can buy super effective traps, and lots of them and put them in your hunters pockets to swap out as they get full, or you can go with fewer less effective but higher capacity ones. You have to return to empty the traps when they are full, so this plays into your playstyle. You could store full traps in your car between missions if you'd like to make fewer trips, but your base only holds so much ectoplasm.

The game is full of charm and little references that made me smile. From finishing a level and the leader saying "Controlling makes me feel good" a reference to the Ghostbuster's song of the 80s. To potential employee names like "Mr. B" and "Bill Venkman," It's a game brimming with good fun. Pardon the pun.