God Hand


If there was one advantage that that the Playstation 2 holds over its rivals is the abundance of games from all genres. Where the Gamecube had platformers and adventure games, and the Xbox has stealth and first person shooters, the PlayStation 2 had everything above plus so much more. The Playstation 2 really seemed like the one console you could try new things on. Today we are checking out a game that is not necessarily redefining a genre however instead dares to be different. But does God Hand from Capcom manage to do enough new an interesting to make God Hand a worthwhile game to check out? Read our full review to find out!


So let it be said right now that God Hand is not a run of the mill beat em’ up action game that really doesn’t take no for an answer. I say this because God Hand is a game that really takes things to the extreme with just a ton of power and a ton of combat. God Hand is a game that puts you in the role of Gene, who has this super powerful arm that basically has gotten him into some fights and it is your job to go through the game taking out your enemies and going through a plot that is both convoluted and pretty uninteresting. Although the story doesn’t hold up that well, can the gameplay manage to keep things interesting?

One thing I should say is that this a beat em’ up style game which means you are going to be doing your fair share of combos and button mashing. You go through levels just taking out enemies with massive combos and using some simple dodge attacks to take out enemies. The fighting combat in the game, although in simple form, just manages to be very satisfying. This is mainly due to the enemy AI, which actually is very smart and manages to put up one heck of a fight against you. So with this AI that does put up a fight your time through the game actually feels like you are learning the ways of the game and it really makes you enjoy the game and does help progress the game.

One of the things that does help God Hand is the combat system, which progressively becomes deeper as you progress. You will start to get some new attacks that are even more powerful and actually even more satisfying. Some of these finishers are really quite a spectacle and manage to really bring a nice style to the experience that does well for the game. The finishers do become a bit repetitive as the game progresses, but still are fun to pull off nonetheless.

One of the best aspects of God Hand are the boss battles. These encounters may seem extremely difficult at first, but as you play through the game, you’ll notice that the bosses does have some fighting pattern. Know the patterns, and these battles will become much easier than before. The game just flows well from start to finish and gives one of the more addictive beat em’ up style action games that doesn’t have that repetitive nature that has plagued the genre. God Hand also does manage to give you the fighting arena that allows you to fight against your foes outside of the arena. The fighting arena does give some life after the single player campaign, but don’t expect to play it all that much. In the end, God Hand has an extremely addictive nature that manages to make a very enjoyable beat em’ up title. The only big complaint I have on God Hand is the length of the single player, which ends somewhat abruptly and feels a bit short. However the experience is one that I wouldn’t mind going back and trying to go through the game again.


I have to say that God Hand is a title that manages to really brings in a very stylized and artistic approach that really works well for the game, and manages to look good throughout the game. One of the game’s best features is its environments, which are extremely varied and really manage to keep things look fresh and interesting. The style of the game also continues to look good during fighting sequences, as the game really has a nice flow to it that really helps the action on the screen really looks good from start to finish.

Fun Factor

Most of the time when I have a beat em’ up game for review one of the things I look at is repetitiveness, which is a serious issue that many games don’t know how to deal with. God Hand is a game that manages to use a somewhat simple combat system and allows it to expand into a very enjoyable game that offers up quite a challenge from the AI. This translates into a really fun yet challenging action experience. To me the game really manages to bring everything together to make a very enjoyable beat em’ up experience.


God Hand is a game that surprised me from start to finish. To me this was a game that just seemed to really bring a very simple idea and make one heck of an experience. The game is not perfect or genre defining, but it manages to give a very surprisingly good gaming experience. If you like action games, then you’re really going to enjoy God Hand for the Playstation 2.

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