GoldenEye: Rogue Agent


Who could ever forget about the amazing N64 game Goldeneye, which in my opinion, is the second best game for the console (behind Ocarina of Time)? Talk about a game that combined both a great single and multiplayer game into one title, and Goldeneye was one of the first games to really implement the two modes on the consoles. We have seen 007 in many other renditions, but never under the Goldeneye label. So does Electronic Arts Los Angeles make use of the label and make a great game, or is this a game we all just wish didn’t happen?


Taking such a great game and attempting to create a sequel for it would be one of the most difficult tasks for the developers of this game. You see so many of us can remember playing Goldeneye with a group of friends, can remember when we first beat the game, and can remember all of the amazing times the game brought us. Rogue Agent, similar to many sequels, is up against some tough times as it has been a number of years since Goldeneye was released and a lot of things have changed since that time.

With Pierce Brosnan stepping down as the current 007, the developers decided that instead of using our favorite agent, we now get to view the popular series from the other side, as you take part as a rogue agent, hence the title. Although the game have a whole lot of references with the game or movie, Goldeneye, other then a few minor references, this ends up bringing down the game because it just seems like a cheap stunt to sell more games rather then a worthy sequel. With that little rant aside you play as a former undercover agent for her Majesty who has joined up with Goldfinger’s evil group. The story in the game ends up being one of the more unfortunate parts of the game as it feels much uninspired. You never really get to know your character and never seem to care much at all about what is happening in the game.

One of the key features to Goldeneye: Rogue Agent is the eye implant your character has. Throughout the campaign you will be given more abilities. This list of abilities begins with seeing through walls, which is actually quite a neat little feature that then advances into hacking machines and much more. These abilities are the one breath of fresh air that separates this game from others on the market.

Besides the use of the eye, Rogue Agent doesn’t do a whole lot differently from the standard First Person Shooter that we have become used to in this day and age. The game works and feels like most of the other shooters on the market, and controls accordingly. What was supposed to change the game was the fact that you are playing from the other side which was supposed to give you the whole evil sense of playing from that side. But besides the ability to use enemies as human shields the game doesn’t take much out of this whole bad guy stance. In fact I can guarantee if you just picked up the game mid-level you wouldn’t be able to tell if you were the good guy or the bad. So when it adds up the storyline combined with the lackluster gameplay in the story mode ends up creating a mode that was just downright disappointing. Does the multiplayer pick up some slack?

Since Goldeneye was all about the multiplayer, so is Rogue Agent, and for that the developers of Rouge Agent do deserve a little more credit. The game you can see right away is much for multiplayer oriented and attempts to take full advantage of the Xbox Live service. The game works pretty well online and there were very few if any instances of lag to speak of. The game has plenty of modes to choose from, but there is still one problem, and that is the game just isn’t all that great. You see, it plays like just a typical FPS and that’s not anything close to what the original 007 Goldeneye was. The online options are great but the gameplay just isn’t exciting enough to make you want to keep coming back.

I really think games that attempt to recreate a great experience from a previous game are put onto a slightly higher standard, and for that you got to give a little slack to this game as it’s not as bad as it is disappointing. Overall I really think the gameplay is just average at best, there just isn’t enough new or exciting to really feel content with this game.


The one thing I have been noticing about almost all FPS these days is that they are becoming more and more visual powerhouses. Almost all of the recent showings in the genre have been attempting to put as much shine and glamour into their games as possible, combining that with some very well made animation they have really been looking quite good. So does Goldeneye: Rogue Agent pass the test?

For those of you who like things short and sweet, this is for you. Rogue Agent is a good, but not great looking game. You see that as the more you play through the game, the more you will notice the lack of a lot of detail that would have been nice in the game. The environments are pretty typical for all James Bond style video games, and the overall feel of the game is pretty similar to many of there other titles. With that being said I must say the developers did do a nice job on the weapons which we are all very nicely crafted and full of plenty of detail.

Overall Rogue Agent is a pretty average looking game, nothing more, and nothing less. It’s a shame there wasn’t more to the game’s visuals because I did see a lot of potential.

Fun Factor

This is a perfect example of a game that had all of the makings for a great game, but I really think the developers missed in on the key ingredient that made the original Goldeneye so great, and that was how fun the game was. Rogue Agent just isn’t that fun of a game because of the somewhat sluggish gameplay, the lack of a real good story, and pretty average multiplayer, the game just pales in comparison to a lot of other FPS on the market today.


Being such a huge fan of the 007 movies and games, it’s a shame that the game with the most possibility out of the last few years ends up being the one I would like to change the most. This is a game that will only go for the hardcore 007 fans, besides them this game is a good rental.

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