Guacamelee: Gold Edition

Back in May (it might as well be a lifetime ago) Guacamelee was released to critical acclaim on the PS3 and PS Vita. It was the story of Juan, his love for El Presidente's Daughter, and Calaca, the bad-ass hombre skeleton who kills Juan and captures his beloved. Juan comes back from the dead as a Luchadore, opening a 6 pack of whoop-ass on Calaca and crew that they will never forget. Until they're dead. And not rising from the grave as other luchadores creating an endless cycle of crazy, undead wrestlers with chips on the shoulders.

Apocalyptic wrestling future aside, it will surprise you to know that we are not talking about Guacamelee here. Nope. Instead, that whole first paragraph was a test just to see if you had played it. Oh you didn't? No PS3. Well, I'm sorry, cause it's not like they we- BAM!!!!! STEAM RELEASE!

Surprised you there, huh? Much like Juan, rising from the ashes of his own demise, so to does Guacamelee rise from... hrmmm... ok look, that wasn't thought through very well. Suffice it to say, Steam now has Guacamelee: Gold Edition.

In the opening paragraph, I've already broken down the story for you. You play as Juan, you go after El Presidente's Daughter who was kidnapped by Carlos “The Skeleton Man” Calaca. You punch, jump, headbutt and fly your way across a Day of the Dead inspired caricature of Mexico, collecting moves and power ups from a Goat dude as you go. Saying anything else would really be spoiling the experience. Everything from the PS3 release is here, the humor (honestly, the meme jokes aren't that bad, get over yourself), the action, the ridiculous platforming.

What's special about Gold Edition are the extras. Packed in with the game's purchase is the El Infierno DLC pack,  a series of challenge room set in Hell. Tying in with Calaca's rise to power in the land of the dead is the story of how he turned El Diablo, the Devil for the non-spanish inclined, into a chicken. You meet the chicken at the bottom of a smoldering, high rise office building, and are immediately tasked with helping him back into his office. To do so requires you to perform, more than admirably, at a series of challenges, with medals earned eventually adding up to The Devil's return to power (it's a better alternative to Calaca running things, I'll leave it at that).

These rooms are ridiculous, and, outside of the platforming sections for the collectable pieces of a certain luchadore mask, easily the most challenging content in the game. Consider this a warning... there is a reason these challenge rooms only exist in Hell. I won't spoil them for you, as they should be experienced, but I will say that if you actually get past them without an exceptional amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth, then you are a far better player then I. Beating the rooms on with bronze, silver, or gold ratings unlocks additional costumes for Juan, each of which comes with some pretty interesting pluses and minuses.

Also added to the Steam release is access to the Steam Workshop. The mod tools allow you to create additional costumes for Juan and Tostada (co-op partner), and upload them for everyone to peruse and use. It's an easy process to download, and while the original art in the game is great, the opportunity to play as a Terminator Juan from the future was to good to pass up.

So where does this leave us? Same great game, extra content, fan made costumes, all on the your personal computer through the magic of Steam. I think that's worth a good ½ star more.

Reviewer and Editor for Darkstation by day, probably not the best superhero by night. I mean, look at that costume. EEK!