Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


It can be hard being a fan of movies and just sitting back hoping that a game will be able to do your favorite movies justice. I remember when some of the latest Rocky games came out and I was so disappointed with their games counterpart. Harry Potter fans on the other hand have actually been quite fortunate, with EA churning out decent and fun games for the franchise. Well now the latest Potter movie is out, and right on cue, EA has come out with the game. So does this game do the movie and the series justice? Read our full review to find out!


So for those of you who haven’t seen the Goblet of Fire movie, then here is a little crash course in what the movie, the book, and now the game are all about. Basically this year our pal Harry’s been entered into the Triwizard Tournament, where pits Hogwarts’ champion against the best from three neighboring magic schools. So with all of this being said, it is very obvious that the game follows the movie down to the "t", and this is done in a pretty good fashion for those who have not seen the film yet.

For those of you who may have been expecting this game to go out of its way to really capture the hearts of gamers alike, well then you may be disappointed. Goblet of Fire really just tries to mend together the typical action/adventure elements that we have seen through countless movies to game transitions. For the most part you will be going through the game with the trio of main characters, which does add a new multiplayer factor into the game. At anytime while playing Goblet of Fire someone can jump into the action and take control of one of the other two characters. This is a nice feature and definitely was a welcome addition, one in which works well and does make this game deeper then at first glance.

One thing that is sort of weird about Goblet of Fire is the all three of the characters (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) seem to play identically to each other. No longer do they have their own onset of moves but instead they all seem to play the same. You go through this game with these characters through a pretty typical pace, taking out bad guys and doing a fair share of puzzles. None of these puzzles are outright difficult, but are nicely placed throughout the game.

The gameplay in Goblet of Fire is just what you would expect from a Harry Potter game, and nothing more. The game just works very smooth with no real problems, but then at the same token there is nothing in Goblet of Fire that really takes this game further than it has already been. The gameplay just never seems to want to be bigger or bolder then in previous games. Goblet of Fire is just another movie license turned into a video game that works like you would expect, but doesn’t do more than that. The adventures in the game can get a bit repetitive, and the puzzles are good, but can’t save the game. In the end Goblet of Fire is a good game, but could have been so much more.


Visually speaking Goblet of Fire is just a good-looking game that just never goes further than that. It has some nice graphical touches, like its character models, which are pretty high in quality. The environments are pretty varied as well and have some nice ideas, but they lack quite a bit of detail. None of the environments really come at you and standout. The overall presentation of Goblet of Fire is just a good experience, but nothing that just comes out and "wows" you.

Fun Factor

I have to say that I actually like the whole stories behind the Harry Potter series; I can’t say I am a hardcore fan, but I can appreciate these adventures. With that being said, although I found the story of this game to be pretty interesting, the overall feel of Goblet of Fire just didn’t seem all that adventurous. The game just never really tried to take a step in any direction other than just a simple action adventure game. You will have your killing of enemies, your simple puzzles, and even co-op but none of this really amounts to all that great of a game.


Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire is, like I have said several times through this review, a capable but average action adventure game that could have been a lot better than the final product. If you are a huge Harry Potter fan, you will still find it neat to play as the trio of characters, but there just isn’t enough in this game to warrant this as anything more than a rental.

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