Hot Shots Golf FORE!

Hot Shots Golf FORE!


Hot Shots Golf 3 was released almost two years ago, and let me tell you I was a big fan. It wasn’t a great game, but it was fun. Well finally developer Clap Hanz has come out with their fourth installment of a pretty successful series. So how does the series hold up? Read on for our review of Hot Shots Golf Fore!


Starting this review let’s talk about the last installment of Hot Shots Golf. In my opinion the best from the series, provided gamers with a great arcade style experience. Of course the game was not a direct competitor for the realistic simulation-styled Tiger Woods PGA Tour series, and luckily it doesn’t pretend to. These two games are on the opposite ends of the golf game spectrum. With that being said we now finally get the much-anticipated fourth installment of the Hot Shots Golf series.

The Hot Shots Golf series has never been one that was heavy on the modes. And although there are a few new additions in this one, there is still that feeling that the game is missing something. The game has single and multiplayer options that include Match Play, Stroke Play, Training, Mini Games, and a Single Player tournament mode. The game also supports online play, which will be commented on later.

The best addition to the game in my eyes has to be the mini games, which is where I had the most fun. You have the ability to play mini-golf and par 3 courses. The mini-golf is actually quite enjoyable, and in fact, play it with some friends and you can see some true potential in this mode. The par 3 mode isn’t as fun but it does give some breathing room away from the normal game, which is much appreciated.

But by far the biggest feature of the game is the online play, which makes a nice appearance on the game. This is a full-fledged online mode that has plenty of customization, to let you play the exact type of golf game you want to. Not only can you get a mini-tournament set up with four people but you can also join a fifty-person tournament that is just an amazing experience. The developers did an excellent job putting enough customization in the mode, but having said that, there are two setbacks. First off, there is no voice communication in the game, which would have done wonders for a game of this caliber. The other problem being that it’s not all that exciting. Sure playing online is fun, but this is one of those games that needs voice communication.

The rest of the game modes are pretty standard and go along the same lines as the third installment. Which leaves me with this question, why do we still not have a career mode? The game has the online mode, it now has the mini-games but why do we not have a career mode. This is not a game that needs an extensive story, but it is one where you want to get to know your character and feel apart of the game. Not once in this game do you ever feel apart of anything and this is exactly where the single player falls short.

The gameplay in Hot Shots Golf Fore! has been improved in various areas, but not enough to where the casual gamer will even care. The physics from the third edition remain utterly the same, and for the most part the controls do as well. This leads me to my conclusion on the gameplay of the game. It’s not that there is anything wrong with the game. It’s the same enjoyable experience as in the third. The keyword here is ’the same’. There is not enough of anything new in the game to really make you sit back and be impressed with the game. It’s solid but it feels more to me like an online expansion more than anything.


Hot Shots Golf is known for their cartoonish characters, and detailed arcade courses. The third installment of the game looked great, and luckily this one holds up just as well.

For those of you huge graphic critics out here you may end up disagreeing with me, but here it goes. Hot Shots Golf Fore! does a good job of sticking with its arcade style but still making the graphics enjoyable. What the graphics do is make you in the mood to have fun. The light-hearted nicely detailed character models just make you realize that this game was made to be fun not for anything else.

Overall the graphics of Hot Shots Golf Fore! are really quite good. At first glance you might not be impressed but the more you play the game, the more they will grow on you.

Fun Factor

Hot Shots Golf Fore! is an arcade golf title. And one thing all arcade style games are made to be fun. Well Hot Shots Golf Fore! has many things that are commendable but for those who played Hot Shots Golf 3, you may be disappointed. Besides the online play there isn’t a whole lot of new enhancements to the game. For the most part it runs on the same system as the previous, which is good, but we would have liked to have more additions to the game.


Hot Shots Golf Fore! is a solid game, but nothing more than that. The addition of mini-games and online mode are welcome, but the absence of upgrades to the gameplay and the lack of a career mode are huge downsides to the game. If you are a huge fan of the series and have been craving some online play, I would recommend this. Otherwise Hot Shots Golf Fore! makes a great rental!

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