Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb

Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb


It has been a while since I have played a game that LucasArts has published that hasn’t had the Star Wars title on the cover. The Indiana Jones games of the past haven’t been what you would call "good". In fact most of them have failed to even be decent, well luckily this is no longer the case with the release of Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb.


Indiana Jones runs on a simple story that develops throughout the game and although not as interesting as the movies, it is still very interesting. The basic premises of the story are for you to prevent an ancient Chinese artifact from getting into the wrong hands. Throughout the game you are going to be hacking and slashing your way through ten enormous levels.

Like I mentioned earlier the history of Indiana Jones games is that of one you would not want to remember. Luckily this edition of Indiana Jones fairs much better. Indiana Jones has two main portions of the game - good-old puzzle-solving and beat-’em-up action - both in equal proportions.

Well in a perfect world you world you would know that both sides of the game would be equally as fun as each other. Well since this isn’t a perfect world there is one enjoyable portion of the game and one so not enjoyable portion of the game. The adventure portion of Indiana Jones is what I would call quite disappointing. This is mostly because it is so gosh darn repetitive. There are so many puzzles throughout the game that they really start to get old after a while. These are not the most difficult puzzles to complete but they can just be very time-consuming and tedious. I must admit I did not mind these puzzles for the first few hours into the game, but you can tolerate just so many jumping sequences to avoid traps.

Now the better side of the game is when you get to fight the enemies. This is when Indiana Jones is at its top of its game. Throughout the game you are going to have to face several enemies (at times I wish there were more fights). As Indiana Jones you will either be able to use your two fists, or a wide variety of weapons. Some of these weapons include your trusty whip, guns, and any item that your enemy has in possession. There are also plenty of tables and other things lying around throughout the game that you can pick up and hit you’re enemies with. Overall I really enjoyed the fighting throughout the game. The fighting in the game is just so addicting and so much fun that you sometimes I wish that’s what you did that throughout the game.

The controls of Indiana Jones are nothing that is going to give you a headache trying to figure out, but it’s not going to be a game that you can just pick up and play. The controls are very nicely placed on the controller, to the game as enjoyable as possible.

The sound throughout Indiana Jones is pretty solid. The voice acting is top notch throughout all of the cut scenes. Along with the nice voice acting comes a nice soundtrack that does an excellent job of matching the look and feel of an Indiana Jones game. The only downside is the sound effects which aren’t bad but aren’t anything to brag about.


The graphics of Indiana Jones are really looking aged. Indiana himself is probably the best looking aspect of the game. He is very detailed and really depicts the Indiana Jones from the movies. It’s too bad that nothing else in the game is as detailed as he is. The rest of the people in the game are just very bland and boring. They have no detail to them, and they all look the same.

The environments in the game at first look pretty good, but after quite a bit of gameplay you will notice that it seems as though all of these environments look the same. After the first few levels there is a definite noticeable lack of anything creative, or innovative. There are also a lot of noticeable graphical errors when you find enemies or even Indiana himself half way through walls or his feet hover the steps. This is just not acceptable this late in the game of the Xbox, we have come to expect much more then this, which is why the graphics of Indiana Jones are disappointing.

Fun Factor

The one thing Indiana Jones does will is it is a quite enjoyable game. By far the action sequences are a lot more for then the puzzles and adventure portions, but overall this is a quite enjoyable game. I just can’t emphasize enough that the action portion of this game is a very addicting portion of the game, and the cut scenes do a nice job of keeping the game interesting throughout.


In the past Indiana Jones games have been quite disappointing, but Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb is a quite enjoyable action adventure title that does a lot of thing right and a lot of things wrong. If you are in the mood for a good action adventure game then you should definitely think about picking up this one.

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